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Farragut Films’ next production in the Starship Farragut film series, “Conspiracy of Innocence”, written by Bobby Nash, held an open audition at Farragut Films Studio-2 in Kingsland, Georgia, on February 16th, 2013 to fill several open roles.

We are honored to announce the following actors have been selected:

  • Kasey Shafsky of Belmont, CA will play the Farragut’s new Chief Security Officer
  • Rakia May of Kingsland, GA will play the Farragut’s new Chief Medical Officer
  • Victoria Avalon of Mulberry, FL will play the Farragut’s new Transporter Chief
  • Eve  Gidion of Atlanta, GA will play Tannas Pell (adult)
  • Brynn Elders of Woodbine, GA will play Tannas Pell (child)
  • John Sims of Jacksonville, FL will play Attlan Grey (adult)
  • Ian Doherty of Kingsland, GA will play Attlan Grey (child)

Additionally, the following actors have agreed to play background characters:

  • Kimberly Stoughton-Doherty
  • Dan Collis
  • Steve Parrott
  • Madison Parrott
  • Ben Parrott
  • Christopher May-Russell
  • Makayla Miller
  • Christopher Miller

All other recurring roles have been reprised by the regular cast members of Starship Farragut. Casting is an ever-changing dynamic of the film industry; each episode has the potential for new roles and new acting opportunities. We are still filling out the background roles/extras for this episode. Others may be included at a later date.

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