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After seeing SWV, also known as Sisters with Voices, at the Howard Theatre Friday night, one thing was clear- they still got it!

Being the huge 90s music lover that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to see SWV when I heard that they were going to be in town. You could tell the theatre was filled with plenty of other 90s music fans from the way everyone was singing along to the DJ’s play list that consisted mainly of 90s R&B and soul. This was the perfect setting for an SWV concert; there was low lighting and the dark purple curtains gave the stage a very sultry aura. The crowd was definitely “grown and sexy”; the only thing I was missing was a date! You could tell that this was date night central because everyone seemed to be paired up, but this was the perfect concert for a night out with someone special so I don’t blame them!

When SWV finally came on stage, everyone was on their feet and chanting their name the same way it is said in many of their songs – “S-Double-U-V!” At first I doubted if I would remember all of the songs, but as soon as they started with their hit song “Right Here,” it all came back and I was singing along to every lyric. They followed up with two other favorites, “I’m So Into You” and got everyone dancing with “Anything (Old Skool Radio).” After warming up the crowd with some of their classic hits, they played a new song called “Show off,” which did not disappoint the crowd at all. After playing two or three of their songs from their latest album “I Missed Us,” they all sat down and announced that they were going to play some of their classic slow jams and if you know anything about SWV, it’s that they have the best slow jams! They performed “Use your heart” and “Rain” so beautifully it gave me goose bumps. They followed with an amazing rendition of Anita Baker’s “If Only You Knew” from their latest album, which by the way, was nominated for a Grammy.

They played a few other songs and then closed with my all time favorite SWV song and probably their most famous song to date, “Weak.” It was only right that they finished with this song. The theatre was so loud and it seemed like just about every body, even people who worked there, were singing along. SWV’s performance is for sure deserving of an “A.” With their power house vocals and upbeat presence on stage, it was surprisingly much livelier than I expected and brought me and I’m sure many others an intense feeling of pleasant nostalgia.

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