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Actress and podcast host Rachel Bilson has announced the launch of her new podcast, Broad Ideas, now available on all major podcast platforms. On Broad Ideas, Rachel is joined by long-time best friend Olivia Allen to talk about sex, mental health, their belief (or lack of) in ghosts, and so much more. They’ll be joined by old friends, young friends, and some friends they haven’t met yet to have fun, casual conversations about the same kind of broad topics you’d find yourself discussing with your girlfriends. Actress and longtime friend Kristen Bell joins them as their first guest for the premiere episode, which is available now. Upcoming guests include Mandy MooreAubrey PlazaZooey DeschanelGina RodriguezKristen KishBobby Berk, and many more.

“We wanted to create a safe space where nothing is off limits, an open honest conversation on things you normally only share with your best friend. From taboo topics to bedroom secrets, we are just a couple of broads with some big ideas,” said Bilson. “Life is a lot. Anything we can do to help people laugh and cry through it. We’re here for it. We offer a space to get real. No filters or covers. We believe authenticity is the comfort people are craving,” said Allen.

Broad Ideas is produced by Rob Holysz, who also produces Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert and Anna Faris is Unqualified. “I’m really excited for Rachel to have a space where everyone can see how wonderful of a human she is – she shows so much love & empathy for others, has such weird & valuable insights, and looks at things through such a humorous lens. The world needs more Rachels and I’m glad she finally has a platform for people to come get to know this side of her” said Holysz.

Broad Ideas follows Bilson’s wildly popular Welcome to the OC, Bitches! podcast, which she co-hosts with friend and co-star Melinda Clarke.

Listen to Broad Ideas on the following platforms:

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Instagram: @broad_ideas_pod

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