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It’s opening day at Pier Six Pavilion. How better to hype opening day than to feature Mac Miller a proverbial fire ball of enthusiasm. The stage is set, the audience is in attendance at full force, time for the Macadelic Tour, and what more can you ask for.

So we arrived at Eastern Avenue ready to rock, turned into Pier Six, saw a sign that read parking 30 dollars and made an immediate about face to find parking in Little Italy. Really that was the only set back of the night. The stage was set up with a large 25 foot tarp draped from the rafters. Macadelic poster art was printed on it and it featured a stylized drawing of Mac Miller’s head with a peace sign in one eyeball and a heart in the other. A group called “The Come up” had the task of starting things off. I’m not personally familiar with their work. It was kind of awkward, they demand a lot of crowd involvement and they had there moments but for the most part everyone just observed. It’s kind of hard interact and recite lyrics to songs your not familiar with. The next act “The Cool Kids” were well received, I was interested in this act I had heard some buzz about there album “When Fish Ride Bicycles”. There songs were catchy. I thought the vocals kind of drowned out the music a little it was hard to make out the beats. The song “Sour Grapes” was entertaining and overall the set was enjoyable.

There was an intermission while stage hands prepared for Mac. You could sense the anticipation all the people that were previously scattered around the Pavilion suddenly started making their way towards the front. The lights flashed, a huge puff of fog shot out covering the entire stage, and the crowd shrieked. Now when I say the crowd shrieked, I mean the crowd shrieked! It was deafening, the audience completely drowned out the speakers. Mac Miller energetically skipped on stage and everybody’s hands flung up like they were riding a roller coaster. My favorite opening song was “Nike’s On My Feet”. It’s a song boasting a closet full of fresh kicks. The lyrics were original and kind of humorous. It was well performed, the audio overall was the clearest it had been all night. Performing with Mac Miller was somebody I wasn’t familiar with. It was his hype man Treejay. He added extra excitement, emphasizing some of the lyrics and doing 360 jumps off a platform on stage. He had good bounce and rhythm. Following “Nike’s On My Feet” they un-covered a tarp exposing giant inflatable mushrooms with multicolored lights, It was pretty dope. They went on to perform songs like “Lucky (exploitive deleted) (exploitive deleted)”. That got the audiences attention quick and everyone started screaming lucky (exploitive deleted) (exploitive deleted). Another one of my favorite song was the HipHop Ballad as I like to call it “Vitamins”. A Ballard in the sense everything slowed down a little and Mac had the stage to himself spotlight center rapping about an unusual experience.

The overall experience of a Mac Miller show is amazing. He philosophized and everyone took in everything he had to say preaching strong work ethic and dedication. He is a premier up-and-coming rapper with a lot of special performances waiting in the whim. His lyrical style will amaze you like an intricate guitar solo I guess that’s why they call it Macadelic.


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