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I don’t know if SexyTime was trying to be creative by adding an offbeat kick drum to almost every track on there EP but it got annoying quick. It makes the songs sound like they were just thrown together. Maybe they rushed the EP so they could release it on 4/20 I don’t know, and for an EP to have Sexy Purple Bass Music in the title the tracks weren’t very bass driven. The EP was short as well, it was all of 19mins 33secs for six tracks.

There were some songs that showed promise. In the song “Naked Poetry” there were flashes of Bass and the old school game music samples were okay. The track “Always on My Mind” probably the most complete of the album had some nice extended breaks and the kick drum was the most on point of all the tracks. It still got dull and repetitive, and the next track “Inamorata” was almost a carbon copy of the previous track as far as the rhythm and the bass are concerned.

I was excited about this revue, a new electronic music duo with Dubstep and HipHop influences, but there just not there yet. It needs work. The timing especially, it just doesn’t click. The volume levels on the tracks are off too. There not balanced, nothing was balanced the synthesized treble often drowned out the sexy purple bass. The total sound quality wasn’t the worst I ever heard, but not even that could save this EP. It wasn’t dynamic in any way, drop rhythm, break, repeat. That’s what I call a snooze fest. Look maybe the complete album will have some improvements but it’s a long way off. In my opinion SexyTime released prematurely, they finished too quickly and now all that’s left is a mess. Amateur at best, they have an excellent opportunity to make some noise they just need more time in the beat lab.


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