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By Lauren Beverly

Christina Perri has returned with her sophomore album “Head or Heart.” Known for her hit single “Jar of Hearts,” Perri surprises her fans with each track, leaving them in anticipation for the next song. So, how about we get a sneak peek into Christina’s “Head or Heart”?

This amazing blend of pop and soul creates a colorful sound that will either have you singing along with Perri or perhaps crying in your pillow. For the sunny, upbeat and fun crowd, “Shot Me in the Heart,” “Be My Forever” and “Burning Gold” are the perfect choices. Perri’s duet with English crooner Ed Sheeran on “Be My Forever” is especially sweet and light hearted, enticing the audience to get up and dance. The energy in “Shot Me in the Heart” is intense and absolutely outstanding.

As awesome as this album is, a majority of it is rather disheartening. While Perri has us excited and ready for an awesome time, she also has a way of expressing her heartache of a lost or unrequited love. “Butterfly,” “Run” and “I Don’t Wanna Break” are depressing. If you’re going through a difficult breakup, these are the songs you might not want to have in your play list because they will make you feel much worse. I felt a little despondent while listening because most of these songs were more about heartbreak and longing for a lover who either isn’t there or has walked away. Songs about broken hearts have been composed for many years, but they haven’t gotten any easier to listen to.

“Head or Heart” concentrates more on the heart than the head. The entire album is focused on relationships, breakups and infatuations. As interesting as the concept is, not everyone would prefer to listen to song after song about longing for someone or the end of a relationship. This album is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Final Grade: D

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