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Jane struggles to come to terms with what happened; Weller is rocked by a deathbed confession; and Zapata, Patterson, and Reade realize that there is a lot more going on than they thought…

Well, that was one way to end the first season of a show.  I want to start with Jane, who had a really rough time.  She was absolutely reeling from Oscar killing Mayfair and was trying to figure everything out.  Then she finds out that she is not Taylor Shaw, but was planted in the same office as Weller in order to remove Mayfair and make Weller the head of the office so that the group she was a part of could proceed to take down and remake the United States (or at least the government).  Add to that the fact that she killed Oscar while the two of them were fighting and you have the recipe for a very lousy day.  And then it got worse: Weller arrested her for various unspecified crimes.


Photo from the episode "Why Await Life's End"

Before I look at Weller I want to look at his arresting Jane.  From his perspective, it’s fairly obvious that he thinks Jane was working with people to ruin his life.  The problem is that there is nothing he can prove.  He was pissed when he arrested her and that is not a good thing because it totally clouded his judgment.  He thinks that she was part of a conspiracy, but he can’t prove it.  He may even have arrested her for lying to him, but to be a crime the lie has to come in the course of an investigation and has to be knowingly made.  While he may think she did both of these, the fact is that he can’t prove the second and she never lied about an investigation.  All she lied about (inadvertently, I must add) was her identity, which was not (unless my memory is bad) a part of an investigation.

BLINDSPOT -- "Why Await Life's End" Episode 123 -- Pictured: Trieste Kelly Dunn as Allison Knight -- (Photo by: Jeff Neumann/NBC)
Trieste Kelly Dunn as Allison Knight — (Photo by: Jeff Neumann/NBC)


That being said, I do totally get his anger.  He thought she was his childhood friend and she lied about memories.  Add to that the fact that he just discovered that his father did bury (and maybe kill) Taylor Shaw, and you have a disaster in the making.  The only reason I am not unequivocally saying that his father killed Taylor is that we don’t know the circumstances or anything, so I will withhold saying anything definitive until we learn something for sure.  It is obvious that the relationship between Jane and Weller will never be the same again.  I just hope he can learn to trust her, because she never purposefully lied except for some memories, which she thought were true (just out of her memory’s reach).


Photo from the episode "Why Await Life's End"

Zapata and Reade finally told Patterson everything they had discovered.  I’m glad that the three of them have gotten on the same page.  It is totally understandable why they kept things from each other, but we have learned that it was not a good thing for them.  I just want to know what Orion is (or was).  I think it must have been some government program due to the number of files that Mayfair had on that flash drive.  I also hope that they bring Weller in on everything, because Orion appears to be a major key to the conspiracy that Jane is a part of.


Who is Shepherd?  I was under the impression (from Oscar) that Jane was in charge of the group he was in, but that is obviously untrue, unless Shepherd is some sort of identity hidden within Jane (which is doubtful).  Sophia could be Shepherd, but I think it’s someone else, maybe even someone we’ve already met.  Only time will tell.


Until next season!

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