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It was cold and windy by nature but that didn’t stop Stone Kawala and Silver City from presenting Lyrics in Motion at the Strathmore Mansion Friday night. The atmosphere was social, everything from e-mails, to phone numbers, to business cards being exchanged. That isn’t the main story though; the main story was the performances and seeing Hip Hop being represented through instrumentation. It was almost like watching a Hip Hop performance on the Chappelle Show.

That was present when the Soho Kings took the stage. Although I would consider the Soho Kings more of a Pop Electronic outfit with Hip Hop vocalization provided by Jeny Romero. The guitar Instrumentation provided by Bryce Alvord added a sort of reggae twist. Most of Soho Kings recordings don’t have any guitar tracks with the exception of Blinded and Hush, it’s all electronic, so that reggae twist isn’t present like how it is in there live act. All in all they have a different sound. There are hints of promise with songs like Fly Home, One Love and Want You Tonight. Just check out their website www.sohokings.com all their music downloads are free, it’s definitely worth a visit.


Next on stage was Philly Slick lead by Noesis. I would consider Noesis a true vocalist. No repetitive hooks, just flow. Their instrumentation consisted of Noesis busting out a saxophone from time to time; yeah you heard me right and some pretty psychedelic keyboards. They sounded good, like I said Noesis is a true lyricist. Check out their music video, Everything Must Go, on www.philadelphiaslick.com .

The evening was good; there was a lot of music. Like I said it was a very sociable atmosphere, there was a lot of communicating amongst artist and all in attendance. A very fun Friday night.

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