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The Biblical account of Noah and the flood is one everyone is familiar with. We can only imagine how Noah felt while constructing the ark and all that went into preserving the life he knew. While the upcoming movie “Noah” gives us an insight into Noah’s life and his preparations for the flood, the soundtrack—composed by Clint Mansell, with singer/songwriter Patti Smith performing “Mercy Is”—emphasizes the emotion Noah and his family experience.

Considering that the movie is based on the events of Genesis 6:5-8:22, the music had to accurately fit each moment. Songs such as “In the Beginning, There Was Nothing” and “Make Thee an Ark” are somber and beautiful, and serve as a forewarning for the impending flood. The horns and drums in each track add to the action of the film, exciting the fans and bringing them to the edge of their seats. Fans of “Noah” will fall in love with “And He Remembered Noah” and Patti Smith’s “Mercy Is”. With such magnificent melodies that speak to the hearts of the listeners, both songs are moving and will bring tears to the listeners’ eyes. “Mercy Is” is especially heart warming and reminds the audience of Noah’s unending faith in God and his determination to protect his family. It’s easy to sit in awe while listening to such a powerful soundtrack. This astounding soundtrack is certainly worth listening to.

While listening to this soundtrack, I found it difficult to find any downsides. It’s hard to listen to such an amazing and inspirational piece of music and find even one thing wrong with it. Perfection is hard to achieve, but this soundtrack comes pretty close. Each song adds a degree of strength to the soundtrack, giving the listener an idea of what Noah’s world must have been like, as well as how it felt to be called to perform such a remarkable task. This is a soundtrack that will certainly bring out a range of emotions to all who listen to it. Not only will fans of the film love the soundtrack, they will walk away feeling inspired.

Final Grade: A+

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