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On Sunday Evening April 7th, Jazz guitar great Lee Ritenour came to Rams Head On Stage for the first of 2 shows in Annapolis MD. On stage with Lee, he had a pianist, bass player and a drummer. Lee and his band put on a great show for a packed house that was ready to hear Lee perform.

Lee spoke about growing up in Los Angeles hanging around Jazz club including one called The Lighthouse when he was 14 years old. He loved sitting at the bar, which was something you could do back in the day, but definitely not today. Lee talked about how there unfortunately are not many jazz clubs left to enjoy the great sounds of Jazz and how lucky we are to have a venue such as Rams Head On Stage where you can hear some great Jazz.

Songs he performed included songs; “The Village”, “L.A. By Bike” which he told a story of growing up in L.A. riding his bike and this song came to him while riding his bike, hence the name of the song.

Other songs he performed included “Stone Flower” , “Lay It Down”, and finished the evening with the song “Captain fingers”

I admit, yes I have heard of Lee Ritenour but honestly not familiar with many of his songs. I am familiar with his studio work with band such as Pink Floyd. Even though I did not know many of the songs, this is the type of show I love to attend. Yes I want to hear songs that I know and love but there are many great songs that you may have never heard before that you will get the privilege to hearing performed live. Lee and his band enjoyed playing for the audience and connected with the audience and everyone had a smile on their face, and a beat in there step the entire night.

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