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“I’m Flying.” (from L) Micah Turner Lee as John, Reed Epley as Michael, Hawa Kamara as Wendy, Nolan Almeida as Peter Pan.

All photos: Matthew Murphy 

Peter Pan flies to The National Theatre. This hit Broadway musical delighted crowds of children of all ages, (including the grown-up ones). This magical timeless adventurous tale has been told for many years to multitudes of generations. This particular version adds some extra added charm to the original James M. Barrie story, by modernizing the show to the present day in America.

However, those familiar with the show will still be tapping their toes to familiar tunes, as well as a new song titled “Friends Forever”. This modernized tale has removed prior stereotypes of the Native Americans, and depicts friends, Tiger Lily and Wendy as powerful women fighting the pirates’ side by side with Peter.

The ensemble’s performance of “Friends Forever” was actually one of my favorite numbers. The choreography was fabulous, as Tiger Lily’s group of friends, and Peter’s gang of Lost Boys began dancing separately, but, then joined together as friends. The choreography overall was phenomenal. I especially loved the dance with Turtles that the Lost Boys performed. Everything from Peter’s dance with his shadow, to following Tinkerbell, to flying through the air was absolutely flawless.

Nolan Almeida was an excellent Peter Pan. He had just the right combination of boyish charm, vocal talent and seamless movements, as he danced and glided through the air. Hawa Kamara, as Wendy made for a harmonious combination. The two of them blended well as a team. Hawa captured the excitement of the adventure with her beautiful facial expressions, and lovely voice, as well as Nolan embodied the impish charm of Peter Pan with his energy, and mannerisms.

The children all flew through the air with such grace, that the audience cheered each time they flew. The most amazing flight, however, was when the children first emerged from the nursery. It was a truly magical experience. The window widened, as the wonderful nursery set faded away, and a large screen depicted the fantastical journey the children took, as the actors soared and flipped through the air. It was really well done.

“I Won’t Grow Up!” Nolan Almeida as Peter Pan (center) and the cast of Peter Pan.

The set then switched to a scenic forest in Neverland. If one watched closely, the screen backdrop would add details such as falling leaves. Once on the pirate ship, the screen background even showed clouds floating by, the rippling water and the splashes made by pirates falling overboard. The sets were wonderful, and the screen background enhanced the fantasy’s details. However, the crocodile actually crawling across the stage brought cheers from the audience.

“Hook’s Tarantella.” (center) Cody Garcia as Captain Hook and the cast of Peter Pan.

My absolute favorite duo, however, was Captain Hook and Smee. Cody Garcia made the perfect ominous, yet comical Captain Hook. His hilarious antics and humorous gestures were only enhanced when Kurt Perry’s Smee character interacted with him. As the band of pirates joined in with their antics, the comic tomfoolery had the audiences uproariously laughing.

I highly recommend this show. The cast was extremely talented. The show is both awe inspiring and comedic. The singing and dancing are entertaining and well done.


Peter Pan is running at The National Theatre now through April 21st. Tickets can be purchased thru Ticketmaster HERE or at the venue’s box office 

Peter Pan runs about 2 hours with one intermission. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

PETER PAN will have a limited number of tickets available through our Official Digital Lottery. The lottery is open for entry 9:00am-2:00pm the day before each performance. Click HERE to enter the digital lottery.

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