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 International star Danna emerges from the shadows as she unveils her highly anticipated studio album “CHILDSTAR.” Fearlessly stepping into the realest version of herself, Danna showcases unparalleled artistic versatility and incredible vocal talent as she explores and delves into new sounds. The production tells the story of a weekend of partying, sex, alcohol and endless fantasy. Opening a window to a world where night and darkness reign; leading us to escape from reality by finding the light along the way; letting our freedom take control. “CHILDSTAR” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

“CHILDSTAR” takes listeners on the highest of highs and lowest of lows during a night out filled with the pulsating beats of partying, the allure of intimate moments, the intoxicating embrace of alcohol, and the imaginative landscapes of fantasy. Opening the door to an era where for the first time, Danna takes control over her craft and chooses her own destiny, the ideas and sounds that were once silenced find their melodies in a synth pop album without restrictions. Danna no longer performs to the beat of others, but instead composes a symphony that resonates with the beat of her heart. The album provides an escape from reality, encouraging listeners to connect with themselves in the shadows and discover the light within.

“On this new album I leave behind the mold of me created by others and for the first time I take control of my art, boldly reclaiming my stage name and defining my sound as a singer,” shares Danna. “A synth pop fantasy that storylines a weekend of partying, booze, sex and fantasy where I explore my darker side and find the light in freedom of expression.”

“ATARI,” the album’s focus track, unfolds as a true embodiment of Danna’s pop essence, offering a playful and metaphorical exploration of intimate desires. The song weaves a captivating narrative with its pop-style foundation, complemented by a dynamic shift in the music—a synth beat slowing down before seamlessly transforming into a sultry reggaeton rhythm. In “AMANECER,” the album’s last track, Danna’s soothing voice guides listeners through the dawn of a new and brighter day after dark moments. Danna’s soft voice takes center stage, accompanied by a delicate indie beat of gentle drums and light guitar strings, capturing the stillness and beauty of the early hours. With a brand new set of “DANNA L!VE” concert dates on the horizon, Danna is gearing up to deliver unparalleled performances in 2024, eager to spark the deep connection she shares with her devoted fanbase.

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