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In a country sorely divided on many issues, the economy, political views, race, healthcare, religion, and international relations just to name a few, the movie “This Land” offers a positive alternative to the United States’ divisiveness. The movie has something for all of us who live in this country.

Though it concerns the most boisterous of subjects in modern American history, “This Land” starts out quietly: with a shot of a wind blowing wheat field, and the sound of a sputtering pick-up truck’s engine. 

The movie’s director, Matthew Palmer, used narratives over scenes and opens the movie with these two scenes so that the viewers can get the founding of rural America as a realistic place, distinct from the stereotypical “heartland America”.

Throughout the introductions, “This Land” gives not only its setting, but also the perspective of its assertion such as the turbulent 2020 presidential election. The movie pleas for civility, humanism amid anger and resentment.

“This Land” was shaped by the global pandemic and in an exclusive interview with the director of the movie, Matthew Palmer, gives more insight as to why he felt “This Land” was needed.

Why did feel like this movie was needed for our country?

This movie was important to do because right now our country is going. A difficult time on many levels, politics, race, many levels of life. People’s voices and opinions need to be heard.  I think it was the right time to do this movie.

Do you think a lot of Americans feel generally the same way as those featured in the movie?

In some ways I think they do.  It’s a way to show people that anyone can have a difference of opinion and still at the end of the day, face the same crisis, or problems as anyone else.  We can voice our opinions, express our feelings without being violent or harsh to one another.  The movie offers critical thinking in all aspects of life.

Why do you think there is so much controversy where it concerns issues of economy, politics, the workforce, environment, etc.?

The movie offers a sounding board for those who have something to say.

How long did it take you to make ‘This Land’? 

The movie took about two years. We traveled the country getting people’s opinions on various topics that we thought were interesting and that they’d want to comment on and talk about.

Why to you think Americans in this country are so angry?

There is so much going on in our country, with the pandemic, economy, race, politics, you name it. I just think that people are in general just weary.

In viewing the movie, it would seem that ‘This Land’ aims to change that.  Would you say that it a true assessment?

It can be. The movie aims to convey to Americans that no matter our differences we all experience and suffer the ups and downs of life.  It doesn’t’ matter whether you live in the heartland, a big city or wherever in this country, we experience many similarities than differences.

The movie is very thought provoking and I wish you all the best in getting the message of the movie to many of our country’s citizens.  Thank you.

 “This Land” is NOW AVAILABLE on Video on Demand (VOD), Rent or buy on Apple TVGoogle Play and other streaming platforms and pay TV operators.

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