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The P.O.V Lounge, a rooftop bar and music venue in the W Hotel on scenic 15th street Downtown DC. A skyline full of monuments and Pantheon-esque architecture. Friday night, The Eastern Sea took the stage and brought a rock alternative blend of indie-pop. They played tracks off their latest releases “Plague” and their 2009 debut self-titled album “The Eastern Sea.”

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The Eastern Sea’s baroque rock alternative style fit the aesthetics of the picturesque surroundings. The sound was Progressively Melodic but their chamber music-like rock ensemble suggested dynamics. They are at minimum a five piece lineup; drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals and trumpet and feature regular guest musicians.

They controlled the volume with pizzicato-like fingerpicked electric guitar with vocalist Matthew Hines singing over the quieter guitar parts with it sometimes transcending into the chorus. These dynamic crescendos created tension that frequently erupted into enthusiasm. Their songs transitioned seamlessly, not as continuous music necessarily but the sound picking up where it left off. Sometimes, it was hard to tell whether one song lead into the next or if was just a break in the music. I like this approach! It gives the set a story without words; where the music does the talking.

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They played songs like “So Long, Either Way“, “Wasn’t For Love“, “A Lie” and “The Match“, Matthew’s singing was rhythmic and catchy. Not catchy in the sense its was cliche’, it just made you want to hum along. It easily caught the attention of everybody in attendance. This being a social gathering, The Eastern Sea brought it out even more. Every song they played made you want to order another Heineken or cocktail from the bar just to be in the right frame.

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Even though I wouldn’t describe them as “groove” oriented, there was plenty of movement; especially after the music climaxed following a crescendo. The audience collectively swayed just catching the waves feeling the sound. This concert really had a casual feel, like a house party that hasn’t gotten out of hand. The confines were a little tight but what do you expect on a Friday night. Word gets out that a descent band is playing and everybody wants to check them out. Even if the main bar and floor is a little packed there’s always the option to hang out on the balcony bar. You can still hear the concert perfectly fine and its more accommodating as far as space and tables are concerned; plus it has a fabulous view!

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Collectively between the band and the lounge this made for a fantastic evening! It was like a club atmosphere with a rock n’ roll sound. It’s good to know that option is still available. The drinks weren’t over priced and they had a quality selection. If you haven’t had the chance to check out The P.O.V Lounge at The W Hotel, I would highly recommend it; especially on a Friday night!

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