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Do you remember when full albums were made? When you would pop in an album and listen to it from start to finish as opposed to some random playlist. There were musical works of art complete with a full list of tracks that blended into each other seemingly transcending your mind. Albums that are synonymous with good times, wonderment and psychedelics. One of those albums Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon has influenced multiple generations. It was considered by Rolling Stone as one of the greatest albums of all time. The experience of listing to Dark Side of the Moon is second to none. That’s where Classic Albums Live comes in to play. They put the music into the forefront and like an orchestra playing Mozart doesn’t mess with perfection Classic Albums Live plays the album note for note.

I was really curious as to exactly how this was going to be accomplished. I’m familiar with Dark Side of the Moon and know the details and layers of music involved are mind boggling. To recreate this album live would be extraordinary. Right off the back some of those questions were answered with the first track entitled “Speak to Me”. The background vocals and chaotic rants were executed to perfection. I kept turning my head looking around because I was hearing whispers. I was astonished.

What happened next was what I would call an out of body experience of sorts. It was the opening to the song “Breathe”. It was like I was transported, my body was at the concert but my mind was in another place. It was like time stopped but the music kept on playing. Rob Phillips and Nick Hildyard were amazing on vocals. Let me just say the creativity and execution of the recreation of this album was like nothing I have ever seen. Nick Hildyard at one point used a bucket filled with plastic army men to help create the sound of the cash register from the song “Money” I wonder if that has any meaning behind it. The guitar solos were perfect. They were courtesy of Clifton David and Rob Phillips.

I keep using the word perfect to describe this concert. It was close to it, but more importantly it looked as if the band was having fun. They played the complete album Dark Side of the Moon and it was completed just as promised note for note followed by a duel encore performance of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits. I was accompanied by a Pink Floyd expert of sorts Cres Colonna who knows all there albums inside and out and who has seen Pink Floyd live at the Philadelphia Spectrum twice. No discredit to Pink Floyd but he said Classic Albums Live actually sounded better than those particular concerts. His words were and I quote “I’ve listened to that album (Dark Side of the Moon) a million times and know it inside and out, they played it exactly like the album”.
I must admit that I was a little hesitant thinking that this was just some cover band and it wouldn’t be the same as actually seeing Pink Floyd. Well Pink Floyd doesn’t play anymore and I was wrong. This is not just some cover band. This is an arrangement of expert musicians, sound engineers and outstanding vocalist. Not a cover band who would just perform a song or two but a group of engineers who technically break down an entire album and expertly play it live without interruption. Seeing Classic Albums Live is highly recommended. They do not overlook a single detail. It’s not a concert it’s an experience. You should catch them whenever you can you will not regret it.

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