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Ah, the golden age of television. Before there was Technicolor, before there were high end over the top graphics with 3-D effects it was just simply television (sometimes less is more). While that decade lacked in the graphics department it excelled in both the acting and the sound. Here to bring that sound back the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jack Everly along with singers Karen Murphy, Kristen Scott and Chapter, 6 a vocalist cappella ensemble.

The Orchestra assembled, the quick trot of Jack Everly was greeted to applause. It was the start of a magnificently arranged Overture by Mr. Everly himself. Ah the nostalgia, all the classic television themes were there. Looney Tunes, Perry Mason, Mickey Mouse Club, Bonanza. The sound was fluent, and crisp. The beginning of the Overture was exciting as it begun with a sort of flamenco style upbeat percussion. Jack Everly was particularly engaging; his acted out parts were done extremely well and he really spoke to the audience and was quite informative in his explanation of the sound. He was whimsical and carefree and was more a part of the complete show more than any conductor I have ever seen.

After the Overture Jack then proceeded to introduce Chapter 6. Their sound definitely fit the theme of the evening with their Doo Whop/Barber Shop style vocals. They were harmonious, pitch perfect and just sounded good all around in general. A rendition of the theme of Mighty Mouse was one of my favorites. I also liked there rendition of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”. They went on to play a couple acts with Karen Murphy who is a female Vaudeville style Opera singer. Her singing was absolutely astounding; it was captivating, clamorously vociferously amazing (in a good way). Her rendition of “How Did He Look” was magnificent there were a couple stanzas where it felt like she was literally going to blow the roof off the Strathmore. Karen Murphy’s acting was just as if not even more entertaining and received quite a few laughs. She acted out live some classic television commercials like Lucky Strike and even played a game show contestant Edna from Dundalk Maryland. Kristen Scott accompanied Karen for a few songs and sung solo as well. Her voice was amazing, I just wasn’t as familiar with some of her acts but it sounded well.

What I felt was the song of the evening was Songs from Moulin Rouge and the theme from A Summer Place originally composed by Percy Faith. Jack Everly had searched for over a year to find an original composition of the songs so he could render it note for note. He succeeded and it was outstanding. So smooth, sultry and beautiful this was what I felt were the best songs of the evening. Prior to Moulin Rouge was yet another great arrangement The Golden Age of Black And White by Jack Every It featured themes from Peter Gunn, Raw Hyde, Alfred Hitchcock, Davey Crockett, and the Lone Ranger. It was very entertaining. They ended with an Elvis Medley. This wasn’t my favorite, not that I’m not a fan of Elvis but a symphonic rendition maybe a little too much. It was weird hearing an Elvis cover without a guitar. Kind of didn’t feel right. Overall everything was amazing, the costumes, the talent, the sound, everything. It was an incredible experience, I learned, I laughed, and I was awe struck. All the great ingredients to a great time I would very highly recommend seeing any one of these acts I saw tonight.

TRR Concert Revue by Alan J. Duckworth

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