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Tuesday night, Rick Thomas leads a crowd of adults and children to another world filled with birds, liquid glass and helicopters for two hours with more left to the imagine after the closed curtains and bright lights brought us back to the “real world” of Maryland Hall in Annapolis, MD.

Family, honor and dreams were the messages of the night that rang through his show of illusions, fun and entertainment as his dancers and himself danced and laughed the night away. The level of engagement from the crowd was something that I would’ve thought was an illusion if I wasn’t there. It was refreshing to see how many times he came out into, spoke to, or pulled someone from the crowd. A boy, a girl, a funky dancing older woman, a couple and up to fifteen people were all involved from the crowd throughout the show. They made they show just as much as the illusions did.

Talk about a dream come true! Let alone the fact that there is no way I won’t be thinking about how any of those tricks were performed for the rest of the year. I guess I’ll just have to go see him perform again because there is no way!

PS: There is only one card trick because he heard he “isn’t a real magician if he didn’t do one.” So, he did it just for you. Whoever spread that rumor, and it is perhaps, the best card trick around.

Do yourself a favor and catch Rick Thomas’ show of illusions when and whether you can for a night of fun and magic with a message of dreams and honor! Whether by yourself, friends, or family. You will leave feeling like magic.


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