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For Broadway fans in the Baltimore area, this is a fun night of theatre. If you have saved up to see one show all year, this might not be the one. While the show itself is super funny, the tongue-in-cheek humor is great, and this cast delivers on every punchline, the overall night at the theatre is a little lackluster.

The show is very small for a Broadway-caliber show. This show only ran for 9 months on Broadway and returned to off-Broadway for another few months before closing for good. People either loved it or hated it and I can understand why. Let me be clear that this is a night of tremendous laughter and this cast is wonderful, all around. I liked the show very much, but I couldn’t help looking around and seeing a mixture of smiles and frowns…I would have to guess that the smiles were from people who see a lot of shows and could enjoy just another night of fun theatre. The frowns had to be from people who rarely see shows and wondered why they paid so much to watch a show that looked like it was put together by a community theatre, but with very talented actors. The nuance of the show maybe lost on a lot of people.

The extremely talented “band” is quite impressive as it consists of one man playing piano and one man, playing every percussion known to man, but also creating every sound effect live as he watches the performers hit their mark. If you ask me, he is the real starcatcher! If I had seen this with bad actors at a small theatre for $25, I would have said the show is awful. I felt that way about, “Urinetown”…bad cast= horrible show. This cast is the whole reason to see this show.


John Sanders as our villain, Black Stache (love this name) is fantastic. He kills every line that could very well be lost to less of a performer. Megan Stern is super believable as Molly, a thirteen year old girl, though she is an adult and delivers her lines expertly. Benjamin Schrader is hilarious and stayed right on point throughout the night. I loved Edward Tournier’s performance as Ted. He has a line that is repeated throughout the show, “Sticky pudding, oh, it’s so good!” that he just delivers perfectly every time. The whole cast is the shining star here! Everyone really keeps up with the pace and with this show, if one person is off, you’d notice and not in a good way. They have great unity and as an ensemble they create a fun night of entertainment.
The show runs through May 18th, with a lot of performances to fit in everyone’s schedule.

For more information on ticket prices and showtimes, go to baltimore.broadway.com

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