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Frenship made acquaintances with the 9:30 club Thursday night. They just released their debut album Vacation and are bringing it on tour.

The stage was dressed with plastic palm trees and patio umbrellas illuminated by violet black lights. It certainly had an after hours vacation feel. Glades an Australian based electronica band had the audience feeling the vibe of their aurora of sound. Vocalist/guitarist Karina Wykes has a captivating voice that puts you into a state of euphoria. Her pitch will makes you lose yourself in sound. Some really amazing tracks performed were “Drive,” and “Do Right, and Eyes Wide Shut.” Glades was an unexpected remarkable performance!

The audience was loose thanks to Glades. We were ready for Frenship. The brief break in music gave us all a chance to get in line at the bar. The anticipation of Frenship was electric. I would describe Frenship as the fab two. Just like the fab four, better known as The Beatles. Their songs embrace love and harmony. The rhythm will catch you and the grace of their performance will leave you with a warm feeling in your heart. It was either that or the alcohol. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The song LOVE Somebody was eclectic! The audience and the band performed the song together! A lot of Frenship’s song are of that manner. They can be performed as a group. The closest comparison I can think of would be a reference from the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, “We Will Rock You.” They wanted to create a song everybody could sing together. That’s how I would describe Frenship’s performance.

A good example would be when they performed Wide Open, everybody chanted “wide, wide, wide, wide, open” perfect for the whole club to sing along. There are other songs like Run II U were the band takes over. Then, there are songs like Knives which are so incredible its hard to describe! I could listen to Knives over and over and over and over and over again and not get tired of it! It’s an amazing song!

I haven’t even got into the song Capsize, the song that made them famous. They finished with Capsize as an encore. The audience anticipated it like they were waiting for it all along. When Emile Warren came out it was electric! Capsize was performed as an encore but everybody knew the show wasn’t over until it was performed. It was amazing! spirit encapsulated the 9:30 club! Everybody was moving, the energy was impossible to ignore. I wouldn’t even call it dancing more than I would call it a reaction to the sound. There’s a soft spot in my heart to all the beautiful ladies dancing that I wish I got to know better. This was definitely a lady friendly concert.

To ANYBODY who hasn’t experienced Frenship. I highly recommend it. They will capture you and it will be difficult for you to let go.

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