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Review your Spanish books and get ready for laughter.  This movie spoofs Telenovela or Spanish Soap Opera style productions with Will Ferrell melodramatically overemphasizing and over acting while speaking Spanish.

Will Ferrell stars as Armando Alvarez in this charming romantic comedy set in Mexico.  Armando is proud and passionate about working on his family’s ranch.  Excitement plagues the Alvarez family when Armando’s more intellectual and worldly brother returns home with his fiancée.  The family begins planning a wedding amidst a love triangle, trying to save the ranch, and dealings with the “bad guys” where family honor is at stake.  Ferrell is considered the less intelligent almost dopey brother, but rises to the occasion to try to save the woman and the land he loves from the evil drug lords.

The plot is set up in the beginning of the movie when Armando states “I hope nothing bad happens on the way home.”  The movie’s charm is in its parody of old Western films.  The purposely bad sets, props and noticeable stunt doubles add to the hilarity.  For example, in one instance a puppet substitutes for a live animal.  The use of musical numbers where the musicians are obviously miming their performances are also humorous.  If you like satirical comedic spoofs, and shtick-like humor you will enjoy this film.


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