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Don Giovanni Records has announced the release of the debut graphic novel from Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females) and Joe Steinhardt (Don Giovanni Records).

Merriment is out March 19th, 2024 and is distributed by Microcosm Publishing.

Merriment is available for pre-order now in hardcover as well as a limited signed and numbered edition of 200 copies.

Merriment follows Mack and her best friend Denise, as the jacket explains:

As many of us do, Mack is having a hard time coping with life in New Jersey. Watching her friends figure their lives out while she is stuck living at home, Mack is looking for any kind of lifeline out of her Mom’s house and into the City where she is convinced she will be happy. Then again, it’s hard for anyone to be happy these days, a fact her mother will not let her forget. And what’s worse: she thinks she might have committed a murder. And that maybe, just maybe, the FBI is spying on her?

Merriment follows Mack on her quest for happiness and/or sanity, through the horrors of life, as she navigates existential dread, real life dread, and all the dread in between.

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