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The Maná: México Lindo y Querido concert was completely sold out. In fact, every corner of Capital One Arena was filled with people. The scenarios were divided into two zones.

A brief introduction to his non-profit organization was the first part of his presentation before the concert began, the Marine Turtles Ecological Foundation. “Black Forest” A foundation that defends the protection of baby turtles.

The show began with a video of skulls playing “Cómo Te Deseo”, one of the band’s most popular songs. Fernando Olvera, better known as “Fher”, came out wearing a blue suit jacket and a shiny skull shirt. He went on to sing one of his biggest hits “De Pies A Cabeza” and the audience was enthralled.

Maracas, guitars, and other instruments helped contribute to the music that filled the arena. After that, the amazing show took off with their songs “Cuando Los Angeles Lloran” & “Labios Compartidos”. During this session, a giant inflatable turtle was seen lowered from above to raise environmental awareness.

Sharing a memory of his past, he talked about his first love and his humble beginnings as an artist. He went to tell the audience how he wrote that song, Vivir Sin Aire” where he showed off with his singing and amazing playing of the harmonica.

At halftime, Fher greets the audience and the flags of the people they represent, such as Bolivia, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Argentina. His energy was evident as he whistled. Fher drank some tequilas and then returned to the stage to sing “Mariposa Traicionera” & “Oye Mi Amor.” He helped make waves with hands in the air to the entire audience and that was very entertaining.

The highlight of the night was the drummer performing solo for nearly 15 minutes. He ended up giving away his keyboards to the public at the end of his show.

From there, he went to the opposite side of the stage, where he continued singing rancheras and tell stories. Then, he chose a fan from Peru and brought her up on stage, where she sat down to listen to the whole song. The changed scenery, where Fher walked through her audience and waved at them.

A closing performance with the song “En el muelle de San Blas” where they decorated the stage with a rug and a small pier. singing the most anticipated songs, including “Me Vale”. Fher lay down on the floor with his song “Clavado En Un Bar”.

The band leaves the stage for a brief moment and then returns to perform their latest song “Rayando El Sol”. During which, they ask everyone in audience to turn on the lights on the phone, making the whole place seem lit by candlelight, saying goodbye to the crowd with a few words.

They closed the show by saying that “Latinos have done a lot in this country and the importance of democracy unlike other countries. Not racist politicians that this country belongs to immigrants that they have built it”

The stage was filled with wonderful lights and as they said their goodbye, balloons were released from above to signal the end of the show. This was a concert where everyone sang their hearts out! There was so much happiness in the eyes of the audience where everyone enjoyed the show.