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joshgrobanConcert Revue by: Denise A.

I call it, “The Groban Experience”…You must see him, live! He is settled in at Wolf Trap’s Filene Center. Performing Tuesday night and tonight, he is a huge presence, and talent, and not to be missed.

For this particular show, he uses the Wolf Trap Festival Orchestra and the East Coast Inspirational Singers, along with his band of usual suspects. It is a big show for a big voice! Groban never falters. He sings some awesome selections, “February Song”, “Vincent”, and “Play Me”. The man sings in Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish and all in very tight pants…you know I had to mention the tight pants! Aside from always talking about his undeniable talent in my reviews over the years, I must discuss his pants! Boyfriend needs a stylist, as he even jokes! The skinny jeans have become something I look forward to mentioning every year and this year is no exception. A gal that was in the front row, told me that she had a great view of just how tight they are! LOL

Alright, back to the music…”Caruso” is a beautiful song he does in Italian and he must sleep with Rosetta Stone because his pronunciation is perfecto! With nary a break, he sang for an hour and a half. Some were upset with the quick trip down vocal ecstasy lane, but I say he did a fine job of highlighting some of his favorites, sharing his anecdotes, and being funny. If that means that we get a great concert and then he’ll have time to sign autographs, I’m all for it!!! He could not have been nicer and more gracious.

A little birdy told me that the Tuesday night show will include Austin French from “Rising Sta”r. I might have to hop down there to enjoy another night, instead of waiting until next year 🙂

Whether you have seen him before or not Wolf Trap is a wonderful venue to enjoy his immense talent.

For the rest of Groban’s quicky tour schedule, go to www.joshgroban.com/tour and for the remainder of the Summer season at Wolf Trap, go to www.wolftrap.org

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