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For a decade, the Mythbusters spends one hour every week to test widely known myths and beliefs. Now, Adam and Jamie are taking Mythbusters on a 31-city tour across the country. Our very own Warner Theater had the honor of hosting two shows yesterday. I was in attendance of the evening show and our beloved “experts of dangerous” did not disappoint the packed audience.

Walking out to the “Fanfare for the Common Man”, our favorite Mythbusters wasted no time enjoying the glory and appreciation of its fans. The first act of the Behind the Myths Tour included a test of strength using two yellow page phone books interlaced and Adam lying on a bed of nails while Jamie smashed a cinder block on his chest. Some audience members had the chance to come on stage and participate in some of the tests. In an event called the Rat Race, two men who “work out” try to generate enough power on bicycles to fill their balloons. Unfortunately, a technical malfunction occurred when the bikes did not perform the task. What could have been a big mistake on stage, really gave the audience what they came to see, our Mythbusters fixing things and making it work

The crowd-pleaser of the show was when the guys used a high-speed camera, which captures 300 frames per second, to film the volunteers wagging their heads or blowing raspberries and double raspberries, then played back the crazy footage of pulsating cheek flesh and rippling, flapping lips. Adam joked around that the videos could end during a job interview for a young lady.

During the Q&A Session, Adam and Jamie tackled some questions from the audience. We learned that the whole show got started because of a robot named Blendo that competed in “Robot Wars”. Jamie answered a question about the cannonball that went astray damaging two San Francisco Bay Area houses and a minivan. When asked the question of what is the best major to pursue in college when dealing with explosives, Jamie responded “You should study to be a bomb technician or pyrotechnics”. One of the most fascinating questions was asked by a young boy when wondered what Jamie’s favorite firearm was. Hyneman informed the young man that he only liked guns for the intricate machines they are not for their violent tendencies. He does go on to state that the Thompson Machine Gun was his favorite because its design and lots of recoiling action.

In Act 2, they invited a young lady to do a photo op with them and hilarious results. This photo op involved the young lady to stand on top of Jamie. Adam took the photo which he posted on his Twitter feed.

Adam fielded the second Q&A session in which he talked about his favorite explosion. Savage told the audience it involved recreating a famous scene in Lethal Weapon 2 that involved the two cops escaping a toilet that was rigged to detonate when then cop moved from the hot seat. The movie myth was proven to be plausible. Savage’s favorite myth to bust involved the Lead Balloon. He stated that it took two years to find a company that help to create a cube-shaped balloon with 10 foot (3 m) edges out of lead. The myth was to see “if a lead balloon cannot fly (as per the idiom, “going down like a lead balloon”). It was busted.

Another fun moment was when another volunteer was wearing a medieval suit of armor for protection from a barrage of paintballs fired through four turrets in rapid succession.

For the followers of Mythbusters (myself included) , it was an amazing experience to see Adam and Jamie doing their crazy fun work LIVE and we cannot wait for the Tenth season to begin tonight on the Discovery Channel. On a high note, they reminded the audience of their motto “Don’t Try This Home”. They are what they called professionals; we called them our beloved Mythbusters!

The Mythbusters: Behind the Myth Tour has six cities left. If you want to see if they are coming to a theater near you: click over to http://www.mythbusterstour.com/ and don’t check out the Season Premiere of Mythbusters TONIGHT at 9:00/8:00 C only on the Discovery Channel!


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