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On this special RED CARPET edition of INTERVUE, on a November night, The US Navy Memorial Burke Theatre in Washington DC hosted the DC Premiere of the Focus Features film “Darkest Hour”. The film chronicles the life of newly elected Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he makes the toughest decisions that could affect Britain’s involvement of World War II. In attendance of the red carpet were director Joe Wright & actor Gary Oldman. In this first part of the two part series, I am talking to Gary Oldman, who plays Winston Churchill in the movie.

According to Joe, he said you are his hero and he has always wanted to work with you ever since he first saw you in “Sid and Nancy”. What was it like to work with Joe in “Darkest Hour”?

Well, it’s been really, I think quite possibly the highlight of my career.

It is, huh?

Yeah. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really great, great directors and a whole slew of wonderful actors. I could honestly say that I never enjoyed myself so much on a set working with Joe, wanting to just get up and come into work.

Speaking of coming into work, you portray Churchill and the makeup in the film is excellent. How long does it take to transform into Churchill?

Roughly four hours.

Four hours? My goodness!

So, I would come in very early, do my transformation, then go to rehearsal. A ten-hour day, twelve-hour day, then an hour to take it off. So, my average working day was nineteen hours. That’s probably the smallest violin you could hear playing back there.


But I had a mindset that if Churchill at sixty-five could take on Hitler, then it’s not much of a hardship to sit in a makeup chair for three and a half hours.

Exactly. You could take on any role and you’d get my vote.

Go see Gary’s wonderful performance in Darkest Hour – IN THEATRES NOW & check out the second part of Darkest Hour INTERVUE with director Joe Wright 

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