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If you loved “Despicable Me,” then you’re in for quite an adventure with “Despicable Me 2.” This time around, Gru is called in to save the world, and of course, his darling daughters and adorable minions are along for the ride. What stands out about this movie is the music, which consists of the minions’ unique renditions of classic hits, such as “Y.M.C.A” and “I Swear” as well as songs composed by R&B artist Pharrell Williams and Brazilian musician Heitor Pereira.

This is not Pereira’s first rodeo in the soundtrack department. He’s conducted soundtracks for the films “Gladiator,” “Mission Impossible: 2” and “The Road to El Dorado,” as well as performing with the 80’s band “Simply Red.” Pharrell, of course, is known for performing with “N.E.R.D” and “The Neptunes.” While Pharrell and Pereira composed beautiful instrumentals, credit should also go to the minions, who entertain the audience with their musical talents.

The minions’ “Y.M.C.A.” will make you want to get up and perform the iconic dance step while trying to mimic the lyrics in their language. The cuteness factor of these adorable little fellows adds on to the fun aspect of their music. While the minions are lively and entertaining, Pharrell’s “Happy” and “Just a Cloud Away” have a doo-wop/love song feel and play on the emotions of the audience. Pereira’s “Going to Save the World,” “El Macho,” and “Jillian” play on the action portion of the soundtrack, giving you a taste of Gru’s adventure.

It’s safe to say that the “Despicable Me 2” soundtrack has a little bit of something for everyone. For those who wish to pretend to be a spy out to save the world, Pereira’s music is just for you. If you want your music to be fun and whimsical, then the minions and Pharrell are what the doctor ordered.

Final Grade: B+

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