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Here Come the Mummies brought the funk to Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis Friday night. There a Nashville-based eight-piece funk band rumored to have several Grammy award winning and nominated musicians among them. 

Since 1999 Here Come the Mummies have managed to release several studio albums, four EP’s, and two live albums without releasing the identity of any of the performers. Believed to be musicians already committed to record labels they have to conceal their identity to prevent contract disputes. Supposedly 70 different musicians have dawned the mummy tape. The band goes to great lengths to conceal their identity carrying their mummy persona both on and off stage. Your guess as to who they really are is as good as mine. Sources say their solid studio guys.

Regardless, an all-star funk band dressed, as mummies are awesome! Being studio musicians their sound quality is amazing! It translates on stage. Once the music starts, it doesn’t stop. They have opened for P-Funk, Al Green and Cheap Trick. They definitely have their own unique funk rock sound. There is also a lot of humor involved with the act; nearly every song suggests sexual innuendos.

Songs like “Pull It Off” are a display of instrumental mastery. An upbeat funk based rhythm is met with spectacular keyboard, guitar and saxophone solos. Mummy Rah has an unbelievable saxophone solo in that song! It will blow you away! Whoever this guy is he’s an amazing talent!

Mummy Cass on guitar and vocals has a great rock n roll/blues singing voice. The hard rock guitar gives the music a psychedelic feel. His voice sounds straight out the seventies. Mummy Spazz on keyboards is an outstanding electric organ player! It gives the music a gospel/southern rock sound. He also adds synth solo’s that are electrifying!

The horns in “Fenk Shui” are a blast! It’s a funk ballad encouraging you to get  “funky” in all directions. The horns synchronize to this catchy riff. It then breaks down into a powerful crescendo. Really makes you want to move.

Midnight Mummy switched between baritone sax, a key tar and pair of timbales. The band’s bio doesn’t mention any Latin influences but in the song “Ra Ra Ra” you could hear a distinct Latin jazz flavor. It sounded great!

This is an incredible act! Whoever these guys are, they are the real deal. They have a big sound that will blow you away. Great talent with great sound.

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