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Legendary jazz musician Bill Evans passed away in 1980, but his music continues to have an impact on his fans. His newest album, a unique collection of previously recorded songs, was released on April 22nd, and jazz fans will truly dig it. The 2-disc album “Some Other Time: The Lost Session From The Black Forest” was recorded on June 20, 1968, five days after The Bill Evans’ Trio gave a phenomenal performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Does that pique your interest in Bill Evans and his music? I know it does for me. Let’s talk a little about this outstanding artist.

I’m a huge fan of instrumental jazz, so “You Go To My Head” was the perfect song to start out with. The quick and softly played drums, combined with the energetic and bubbly piano made this a beautiful song that fans of all music genres will be able to enjoy. “Very Early” is a sweet and serene melody that soothes the soul gives you a wonderful feeling of peace. “What Kind of Fool Am I?” is peaceful and truly amazing, but with a little bit of pep in its step. “I’ll Remember April” is a fun song that you’ll enjoy every moment of it. “My Funny Valentine” seems to have a sweetness and jazzy soul to it.

The title track “Some Other Time” is truly peaceful and a soothing song to listen to late at night. “What Kind of Fool Am I?” has a romantic theme that would be the perfect song to play on a first date. “On Green Dolphin Street” has the sweet and serene sound that makes Bill Evans’ music so grand. The soft sounds of the drum and the exciting tickling of the ivory keys are sure to excite the jazz crowd. “Some Other Time” is hypnotic and has a relaxing and beautiful melody. “In A Sentimental Mood” is lighthearted and will brighten your day. The up-tempo keys will make you think of a warm and brilliant sunrise.

Fans of Bill Evans will remember how he made them feel by playing just five notes. Being a jazz fan, I can appreciate the amazing music that I’ve been listening to. This album has left me in awe of the jazz legend’s talent. Ladies and gentlemen, go pick up your copy of this wonderful album immediately.

Final Grade: A

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