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Grab your cowboy boots and cooler of beer and head on down to Wolf Trap; Alan Jackson’s taking center stage in what is sure to be a tremendous performance. A traditional country artist there are no smoke a mirrors with this act just exceptional music.

The evening started with a good opening act, Craig Campbell. My favorite song they performed was a cover of Mark Chestnut’s “Come on in the Whiskeys Fine”. Craig Campbell’s band was superb, his Lead Guitarist and Violinist would solo back and forth as if they were dueling. Alan Jackson was slated next and as the stage hands prepped the stage you could feel the excitement. Alan Jackson is one cool customer upon making his introduction he remarked, ya’ll can stand up, sit down, clap your hands, dance, I don’t care just have a good time. I consider him a philosopher of sorts. His songs were melodic and calming.

Every song had a particular meaning and he laid out his creative process in full detail. Alan Jackson’s band “The Strayhorns” were phenomenal; Robbie Flint’s Steel Guitar plucking was outstanding. Mark McClurg’s Fiddle playing was marvelous; his solo’s were captivating and intricate. Danny Groah’s Lead guitar was sensational; very bluesy and original. The Strayhorns were remarkable, as if Alan Jackson had configured an all star band with the best of the best from all around the country.

This was hands down a rootin’ tootin’ good time. The level of musicianship compiled was unparalleled. I’m not going to lie I was never the biggest fan of country music, I didn’t grow up on it or anything but seeing a live traditional country act was some type of experience. When ever you talk about the greatest guitar players of all time all that is ever mentioned are blues and rock n roll artist. We’ll country artist deserve mentioning because they can bring it on guitar just as good today as any rock guitar has ever been played and country deserves some recognition. Check it out for yourself see Alan Jackson live you won’t regret it.


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