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Make way for romanticism! And forward! Good music transcends and acquires deeper strength as it enters and deposits inside hearts truly in-love that has an emotional impulse of its own.

With the prolonged success of their current 4LatiDos tour, this is shown by Camila (Mario Domm / Pablo Hurtado) and Sin Bandera (Leonel García / Noel Schajris), two bands that reinforce something that has been said and repeated many times: Union make force.

Renewing their proposal, joining their energy and showing that romantic repertoire that has made them favorites, both pop bands extend their tour together and confirm that they will also be performing in Los Angeles and Fresno, California; in New York, NY; in Duluth, GA; in Greensboro, NC; and in Fairfax, VA (April 27).

This electrifying musical show consists of three climatic segments. First Sin Bandera goes to the stage, in the second place Camila does it, and thirdly, the four artists join their voices, their musicians and their songs in such a powerful closing that the audience stand up and end up singing their hits in high volume.

The great surprise in the concert is that Sin Bandera does not leave the slightest doubt that they know very well Camila’s repertoire; and Camila, for their part, states that they know the songs of Sin Bandera perfectly.

Extending this happy musical experience until 2019, En Vivo Y Más, the company that only offers high quality shows, announces the beginning of ticket sales for concerts in four key cities in the United States.

Official Extension Schedule of the 4LatiDos Tour with Camila and Sin Bandera:

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