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There was absolutely no better way to spend the 2013 Inauguration weekend in Downtown Silver Spring on a Saturday night than being at The Fillmore to experience 2Chainz Live for a sold out two show feature of his critically acclaimed B.O.A.T.S. Tour with B.O.A.T.S. standing for, Based On A T.R.U. Story.

It was a cold January night in Maryland with true fans sticking it out and huddling in the steam of the breaths in long lines that wrapped around the corners of the Fillmore waiting for the doors to let in the crowds. Finally, the doors swung open around 10pm for the second showing of the ATL, the artist formally known as Tity Boi. The place filled up extremely fast with patrons approaching the bars to avoid any wait. While others skipped the bar taking advantage of the free space and stand front and center to get the best view in the house. DJ Reese and DJ Money from our own D.C. radio station 93.9WKYS spun a few different genres of urban music keeping the place lively and in preparation for some real Trap Music by non other than 2 Chainz himself.


After about an hour of the DJ’s mixing it up and some ladies sweating out their weaves T.R.U. announces the man of the night, 2CHAAAINZZZ! Hitting the stage with natural swag, dressed in an oversized leather coat with fur hood hanging over his, and I could be wrong with all the gold gleaming from the lights, but it looked like he was rocking one chain with what appeared to be a Medusa face medallion swinging from his neck. Pacing the stage in printed long shorts over black leather pants with wheat Timberland boots, he got the crowd hype from his hit songs. Although I expect him to perform “No Lie” he didn’t, regardless he definitely made up with “Mercy” and his hit “Birthday Song.”


He didn’t stop there as he continued to shut it down especially with his song “Riot” which truly got the crowd rowdy in true trap fashion perhaps instigating and encouraging a few fight, but no one was seriously hurt, just maybe a few egos. All in all the show was a success and one to remember as Obama continues his Presidency for 2 terms, starting officially on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday. I am sincerely proud of both Obama, as I am for 2Chainz in the since of both men overcoming huge challenges in the public eye because of racial profiling. Like Obama, 2Chainz has gotten past all that as he has left a lot behind him personally and musically, leaving the group “Playaz Circle” to market himself now as a solo artist and worth his own wild. We look forward to more of 2Chainz as we march into this New Year with hopes of a better future for us all. T.R.U.

TRR Concert Revue and photography by Dorian Fernandez

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