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Meagan Good & Michael Ealy Part II

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Dean with Michael Ealy and Meagan Good from "Think Like a Man Too"
Dean with Michael Ealy and Meagan Good from “Think Like a Man Too”

As promised, Dean is back on the scene with the second part of the Meagan Good & Michael Ealy interview. This interview took place, the following day in Georgetown. Enjoy!

So you both have been in movies and TV series throughout your careers, do you prefer one medium over the other or do you prefer both?

ME: Both.

MG: Both, for different reasons. I like film because you go in and you get out. You are there for a few months. You do the thing and you know your character. It’s interesting, it’s fun. Once you’re done, you move on to the next thing. With TV, it’s a lot more long-winded but you get to really find something magical in the character. You really get to know them. I think that more things come out, more interesting things that you evolve as an actor every time. I think, you know, that’s something you don’t really get a chance to in film sometimes.

ME: I think right now, with the state of television and the state of film, that film is going to be…I’ll use the analogy of the medical profession. Film is more like a general practitioner, its general medicine. It’s usually kind of broad stuff that could appeal to the masses whereby I think with television, with all its different outlets, has become more specialized. Now you can be on a show that has a smaller audience but its actually designed that way like it’s designed to appeal to a smaller audience on a smaller network and that you can have a cult following. The idea that Breaking Bad had only six or seven hundred thousand viewers in their first season – it’s unfathomable right now that it would never work twenty years ago. Nowadays, they wrapped with five million viewers. E.R. would have been cancelled if it had five million viewers.

Let me say for the record that I enjoyed both of your shows and I couldn’t believe that they got cancelled.

ME & MG: Thank you.

ME: Neither could we.

Since TLAM2 was filmed in Vegas, I’d like to know what’s your ideal Vegas vacation?

ME: I think of Vegas as a vacation spot.

MG: No, Vegas was fun in my 20’s but now when I go there I get so exhausted after one day. The last time I went there and had a good time was at my bachelorette party but I did bite the dust performing with the Pussycat Dolls. I fell. I didn’t fall off the stage, I fell onstage. So, that was embarrassing.

ME: For me, Vegas is just a lot of stimulation. For someone like myself, who like privacy and quiet, it’s not amazing.

Any vacation spots in Vegas you would recommend to me since this is my first trip back there years?

MG: Red Rock.

ME: Red Rock!

MG: It’s off the strip but it’s really cute because it has an amazing spa and it’s not in the middle of the badness.

ME: I think generally you have to make a distinction between Vegas and the Strip and what we are talking about is the Strip. There are parts of Vegas that are actually quite nice. If you go to Vegas, I would say see “O.” Have you seen “O”?

I have not seen “O” but I am a huge Cirque Du Soleil fan.

ME: Got to see “O!” “O” is like a quintessential Cirque show. *asks Meagan* Have you seen “O” while you were there?

MG: No, I kept missing it. I miss that and the Coco show.

This question is for you, Meagan. You mentioned (at the Red Carpet) that your favorite scene to shoot was the Poison music video. When I saw it on the screen, I LOVED IT! Can you tell us more about it? I want to hear all the details.

MG: I mean, first we were going to do “My Live, You’re Never Gonna Get It” by En Vogue.

I heard that song on the radio on my way here this morning.

MG: What “Never Gonna Get It?”

Yes. It’s good song.

MG: It’s a good song and those girls were hot. Then Will Packer said that we should do “Poison” and we went into the studio and actually recorded the song in a real studio. All of us sounded really bad except for Taraji who can actually really sing. We went to set and it was the best two days because we didn’t have to do anything. All we had to do is show up, be present, have fun, dance, be silly, kick off our heels and crowd surf. It was fun.

ME: Can I ask a question?


MG: How did y’all decide who got….

ME & MG: what parts?

MG: I don’t know. They just gave it to us. It’s like “here’s what you are doing.”

ME: Oh really?

MG: Yeah, we just went for it but we always knew that Wendy was doing the rap. She was like *whispers* I didn’t know there was rap, I don’t get it.

She came out as a pro on screen. Who knew?

ME: She has a mean right hook, too. *laughs* I feel like she’s thrown that before.

Once again, I thank Meagan Good and Michael Ealy for the wonderful interviews! “Think Like a Man Too” rolls its ways into theatres FRIDAY.

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