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Guest of Honor and awards presenter David Gerrold, Featured Guest and award winner Glen L. Wolfe of Star Trek: Horizon, Featured Guest John Caballero of Star Trek: Horizon, Treklanta Chairman and Master of Ceremonies Eric L. Watts, Guest of Honor and awards presenter James Horan, Treklanta Director of Main Programming Track Operations and Master of Ceremonies Brian Holloway, Guest of Honor and awards presenter Gary Graham, Jean-Luc Picard, Guest of Honor and awards presenter J. G. Hertzler. Photo couresy of TreklantaThe 2017 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards were presented at and by Treklanta on April 30, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia. Thirty-three Star Trek fan films released in 2016 with a total running time of almost twelve hours were reviewed by our panel of judges and scored in twelve categories.

The panel of judges included Diana Dru Botsford, Keith R. A. DeCandido, John DeSentis, Matthew M. Foster, Andrew Greenberg, Robert Greenberger, Cheralyn Lambeth and Archie H. Waugh. The Masters of Ceremonies were Eric L. Watts and Brian Holloway. The presenters included David Gerrold, Gary Graham, J. G. Hertzler and James Horan. The award plaques were sponsored by Lawrence L. Fleming.

In 2016, Treklanta was privileged to have the iconic Bjo Trimble—champion of the letter-writing campaign that saved the original Star Trek series, author of The Star Trek Concordance and On the Good Ship Enterprise, and she who led the campaign to have NASA’s space orbiter renamed “USS Enterprise”—and her husband John as Guests of Honor and presenters at the second annual Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards Ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, Mrs. Trimble told Treklanta chairman Eric L. Watts how impressed she was with the awards program and its mission to recognize outstanding achievement in excellence among independent Star Trek fan films, and thanked all those who were involved in their creation, production and presentation.

Mr. Watts, in return, asked Mrs. Trimble if she would consider personally endorsing these awards and allowing us to name them after her, in her honor. After a moment of humble modesty, she graciously agreed to lend her name to these awards. We are delighted to have her support and endorsement of these awards and are pleased to be able to add them to her legacy as “The Godmother of Star Trek Fandom.”

The winners of the 12 categories included in the 2017 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards, a.k.a. The Bjo Awards, are:

Best Special & Visual Effects – Star Trek: Horizon 

Best Sound Design, Editing & Mixing – Star Trek Continues, “Come Not Between the Dragons”

Best Original Music – Star Trek: Horizon, Tommy Kraft

Best Hairstyling & Makeup – Star Trek Continues, “Come Not Between the Dragons”

Best Costuming – Star Trek Continues, “Come Not Between the Dragons” 

Best Guest Actor or Actress – Gigi Edgley as Eliza Taylor, Star Trek Continues, “Come Not Between the Dragons”

Best Supporting Actor or Actress – Michele Specht as Dr. Elise McKennah, Star Trek Continues

Best Lead Actor or Actress – Harriet Fettis as Elisabeth, Needs of the Many

Best Director – James Kerwin, Star Trek Continues, “Embracing the Winds”

Best Original Story or Screenplay – Tommy Kraft,  Star Trek: Horizon

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form – Needs of the Many

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form – Star Trek: Horizon