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Thursday night, our air quality in the DC Metro & Baltimore area was at Code Orange, due to the wildfires from Canada. Because of this, a lot of outdoor venues, postponed their show due to the nature. However, not YUNGBLUD at the Pier Six Pavilion the Baltimore Harbor. For the show, he and the other bands performed that night, it was full of kinetic energy!

At the YUNGBLUD concerts, two bands came on the tour to the support the artist. They include Sophie Power, and last but not least, The Regrettes and each one gave their own spin on stage.

Let’ start off with Sophie Powers! Sophie came on stage with the incredible energy. She was doing some high kicks and really working the crowd. She has some serious pretty eyes and isn’t camera shy. She wants to make sure she’s known throughout the Baltimore crowd! Although she’s only 15 at the moment, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Next, we go with The Regrettes. a triple threat from California, they kind of present themselves as sisters in a way, but they’re not, they kind of remind me of HAIM. Their music is kind of mellow. The lead singer of the group asked the fans do you know how to mosh since it’s a California thing. I apparently thought it was just a Concert thing. However, In the middle of the set the lead singer, Lydia Night hopped off the stage and went into the crowd to get real close and personal with them.

Last but not certainly least, the main event, it was time for the main event! YUNGBLUD started his set with the crowd roaring for him! YUNGBLUD started the show by performing “supedeadfriends” with everyone so hyped up that the crowd was jumping along aside him! Apparently, it was one of guitar techs birthday and after the show they came out and met some fans and popped a bottle of champagne. He performed fourteen songs during his set including “California”, which was voted by fans over “Medication”, a couple of acoustics – “Kill Somebody” and “Sweet Heroine” and “I Think I’m OK” and concluded with two encores!

This was his second night on tour so don’t miss out on seeing YUNGBLUD alongside Sophie Powers & The Regrettes coming to a town near you. To see about future tour dates, go to https://www.yungbludofficial.com/


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