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Country rocker Will Wesley is thrilled to unveil his latest holiday offering with the release of the Christmas single, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,” perfectly timed for the festive season. This rendition of Brenda Lee’s timeless classic showcases Wesley’s musical prowess and innovative approach. Premiered by Center Stage Magazine, the track not only pays homage to the original recording but also introduces a distinctive flair that sets it apart. With influences reminiscent of The Tractors, Vince Vance & The Valiants, and more, Wesley infuses the traditional holiday tune with his signature blend of country rock, creating a spirited and refreshing take on a beloved classic. His rendition captures the essence of the season with a vibrant energy that is both nostalgic and invigorating, promising listeners a unique and memorable holiday musical experience. As part of this release, the music video was premiered by CCM Magazine!

To view the premiere with Center Stage Magazine, visit HERE.
To view the premiere with CCM Magazine, visit HERE.
To listen/stream/download, visit HERE.

“My version of “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” Is a high-energy and updated version of this Christmas classic,” shares Wesley. “I have always loved performing this song live, making it the perfect single for me to release this year. Although it is a bit different, it was important to stay true to the spirit of the original.”

Will Wesley exudes an enduring tenacity that life’s challenges have etched into him. From a rebellious spirit, sneaking into bars at 15 with a beard to disguise his age, to captivating audiences with his beat-up guitar on stage, Wesley’s musical journey began in the Baton Rouge blues scene. Touring with legends like Larry Garner and winning the New Orleans regional division of the International Blues Challenge twice, he later served as the Music Director for Grammy-winning Blues Artist Grady Champion. Despite his accolades, Wesley faced personal and professional crossroads, leading him to discover solace in country music. In 2020, he collaborated with producer Phil Chandler on the album “Both Sides of the Tracks,” featuring the popular single “Attitude,” which topped the charts in Milan. Wesley’s career soared, touring globally and collaborating with Swiss Rockabilly Star Florian Fox. However, tragedy struck in 2023 when his brother Daniel succumbed to a heroin overdose. Channeling grief into inspiration, Wesley is crafting a new set of songs, blending his rocker edge with a tender heart, marking the beginning of what promises to be a legendary career, despite already performing in prestigious venues worldwide.

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