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Based on the novel by Lawrence Block, “A Walk Among the Tombstones” is a crime thriller starring Liam Neeson as a private investigator hired to solve a murder. The theme of the movie is clearly a grim one, which means that the soundtrack should be equally grim. Composed by Carlos Rafael Rivera—known for his work in “Brotherhood of Murder” (1999), “On The Brink” (2006) and “Without a Map” (1996)—this soundtrack is dark and ominous, but not what the listeners would expect for a crime thriller.

Each song seems to have a slow melody, which is different from most soundtracks, as they usually have a combination of both quick paced and slow themes. Considering the film is called “A Walk Among Tombstones”, it makes sense that the music in this soundtrack would be so gloomy and dark. However, this particular soundtrack remains consistent in its tempo. For example, “Main Title”, “We Got Your Wife”, “Kenny’s Story”, “Ray and Albert” and “Matt Scudder” have unhurried tempos and seem to have a melancholy piano and soft, slow strings. These are beautiful and melodic sounds as well very peaceful, but also repetitive and predictable. When I think of a crime thriller, I’m thinking of action packed music combined with slow and gloomy tunes. Instead, I hear a soundtrack that sounds as if the tracks are being recycled and set on a two minute loop. A song should have its own sound and its own story. This is not the case with these tracks.

While these songs are beautiful and soothing, they leave very little to the imagination. After the first three tracks, you already have an idea what the next few tracks will be like. Even though “A Walk Among Tombstones” is not described as an action-packed film, given the premise of the film, it would completely make sense to have a unique choice of songs on the soundtrack. One or two high paced and heart quickening tracks and one or two mellowed and smooth tracks combined would have made this album much more exciting and possibly more appropriate for a film of this caliber.

Final Grade: D

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