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Caroline deals with her mother’s impending death with Stefan’s help, Sheriff Forbes asks for Damon’s help with some unsolved cases, Elena tries to ensure Jeremy’s future away from Mystic Falls, and Enzo continues to be himself.

I found it highly amusing that so many of Mystic Falls’ unsolved murders were Damon’s fault and that he freely admitted it to Sheriff Forbes. She also seemed somewhat amused. So when she broke out the file about the death of Elena and Jeremy’s parents, I can’t say I was surprised that she suspected foul play given that this is Mystic Falls. When it turned out to be nothing more than an accident, she was truly shocked. After all, as I said before, this is Mystic Falls and a genuine accident or death by old age is about as rare as a virgin riding a unicorn.


I think that is one of the things that made her death so heartbreaking. Like Joyce Summers’ death on Buffy, you had a perfectly natural death in a city that has mystic or supernatural deaths on a daily basis. So to have something as mundane as cancer kill someone is almost incomprehensible.

I am seriously worried about Caroline over the next several episodes. She wasn’t with her mom before she ended up in the hospital, so you know she is going to beat herself up over that. Given the vampiric ability to turn off emotions, I am half afraid she is going to turn hers off to avoid dealing with them and we will end up with a situation similar to Elena after Silas killed Jeremy in season 4. I’m not sure what Caroline would do in that sort of situation, but I am sure I do not want to find out.


I am glad that Damon was with the Sheriff when she slipped into unconsciousness. I actually half expected her to collapse in her office after Damon left her to get the car, so I was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t. Damon obviously cares for her deeply and did everything he could to help her out. I am a little worried about how he will react to her death, but I am hoping that he will be able to hold it together, because if both he and Caroline lose it at the same time, this is going to get awfully messy.


I am glad that Jeremy decided to be a hunter. I don’t think he would be able to settle into a “normal” life after his experiences in Mystic Falls. He knows too much about what goes bump in the night to be able to truly live a normal life. I did find it extremely amusing that Elena and Damon compelled his way to an early graduation and into the art school. It’s about time this show dealt with the fact that the gang’s school attendance has been, at best, spotty. When Elena discovers that Jeremy is hunting and that Alaric knew about it, fireworks will occur. I so want to see that. I was also highly amused by the scene where Jeremy and Elena shared a joint and she got the munchies.  I must also say that I would so watch a miniseries about Jeremy the hunter.  I might go for a whole series if it looked good enough.


Steroline is apparently on. They kissed, but I don’t know if she’ll be in a place to be in a relationship after just losing her mother. I am half wondering if she is going to somehow blame Stefan for keeping her away from her mother. Granted, that is irrational, but no one is particularly rational after losing a parent, particularly a control freak like Caroline.

Enzo continues his mission to get revenge, threatened Jeremy, hit Matt with a car, and then revealed his vampirism to Sarah. ‘Nuff said.

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