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"Prayer for the Dying"

The gang searches desperately for a way to save Sheriff Forbes with some interesting results, Stefan makes a promise, a twin is lost, and a Big Bad looms…

Is it totally wrong that I am happy that Kai emerged victorious from the merge with Luke? Like I said last week, I find the twins to be annoying and boring, so getting rid of one of them is a good thing in my book. The only downside is that Kai is now more powerful because he absorbed Luke. I do have to wonder if the fact that he merged with a twin who is not his twin will make a difference in how things play out. Honestly, I’d like Kai to stick around for a while because he makes a very interesting villain.

"Prayer for the Dying"

My feelings about Caroline and the whole situation with her mom are complicated. Is Caroline at fault for her mom nearly dying? Yes. As Elena pointed out, Caroline rushed from seeing Colin (the patient from last week) for a brief period of time to giving her mom her blood. While I totally get why Caroline did it, the whole thing was not thought through at all. Fortunately for Caroline, Tyler actually did something smart and got Damon to realize that Kai could heal the Sheriff. Since the magic in the vampire’s blood was what was causing the damage to accelerate, if Kai were to remove the magic, the problem would go away. There is a potential issue here that I’ll deal with in a second.

The whole episode focused on a series of morally questionable choices. Luke and Liv kept trying to sacrifice Jo in order to save each other, Damon was willing to sacrifice Jo (and did sacrifice Luke) to save Liz, and Caroline rushed to try and save her mom without understanding what it was that she was doing. Each person was doing what he/she thought was best, but through questionable means. The only people who did things that were truly good were Jo and Luke. Jo when she was willing to sacrifice herself to merge with Kai and Luke when he did merge with Kai to save Jo.

"Prayer for the Dying"

Remember the problem I mentioned above? What it boils down to is that Kai absorbed the magic from the vampire blood in Liz in order to save her. The problem is that he could potentially use a similar method to kill any vampire he runs across. After all, if he can pull the magic out of Liz’s blood, why can’t he do the same to vampires? And if he can, why hasn’t he done so before now? It is possible that he didn’t know he could, or it could be that the writers decided to use his powers as a plot device to save Liz. I am interested to see how this plays out.

It will also be very interesting to see the fallout from the choices made this week. I can practically guarantee that Liv will (hypocritically) blame Damon for what happened to Luke, ignoring the fact that she was perfectly willing to sacrifice her older sister to save herself and her twin and ignoring the fact that Luke made the choice to confront Kai because he thought that he was the stronger of the two.

"Prayer for the Dying"

One good (depending on where you land) result of what happened to Liz? Elena and Damon are back together. Also, Stefan made a promise to Liz to help Caroline out after Liz died. Unfortunately, Caroline overheard this and was obviously upset by it.

Until next week!

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