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Before I start, I have to apologize for the subtitle, but it was irresistible.  If you don’t get it, look it up….


Tonight, everyone deals with Sheriff Forbes’ death, Damon has flashbacks to his mother’s funeral, Kai visits Jo for some help, Bonnie has everything she needs to get back, Caroline has a not unexpected reaction to her mother’s death, and Bonnie has an encounter that rattles Damon….


First, let’s deal with Caroline.  Although she seems to be her normal self, she is heading down the route I predicted last week.  By the end of the hour, she had turned off her emotions and snapped Elena’s neck in order to get away.   Wish I could say I was surprised, but I so was not.  Between losing her mom and Stefan basically telling her that the kiss was a mistake, she just couldn’t deal with anything.  Stefan, the master of bad timing that he is, was too late to stop her.  Sigh.  Caroline has always been a control freak and this is something that she cannot control and cannot deal with.  If someone like that has not emotions and no control and the results could be…interesting.


Aside from Caroline, I think Damon had the worst day.  Sheriff Forbes has been a friend of his since the first season, despite everything that he has done.  I honestly think that she is one of the two humans that he actually respects (the other being Alaric).  Add to that the fact that he kept having bad memories of the time he refused to give the eulogy in his mother’s funeral and you can see why this was so hard for him.  Before I go any further, I have to express some annoyance that despite having a young actor play Stefan in the flashbacks, Ian still played Damon.  Sorry, but Damon is not so much older than Stefan to justify that decision.  Totally ruined a wonderful scene because I could only think about this.  Look at what I mean:


I did love Damon’s eulogy.  It was perfect and so beautiful and such a wonderful tribute.  His advice to Stefan and comments to Caroline were not as good.  I think that his comments were part of what pushed Caroline to turn off her emotions and his advice to Stefan (which Stefan followed) definitely helped push her.


Well, Kai is now in possession of Jo’s magic after showing up at her door magically sick.  Turns out that merging with the wrong sibling was making him sick.  I would assume it is akin to a body rejecting an organ that has been donated.  So now Jo is powerless, but pregnant and engaged to Alaric.  Hope that works out for those crazy kids.  And since Kai is still alive, the prison worlds (yes, plural!) still exist, minus one Bennett witch.


Yes, you read that right; Bonnie is officially back, much to Damon’s delight.  I loved their reunion.  Damon’s face lit up with unalloyed joy when he saw her.  After everything she went through, it would be nice to get her back.  Who knows, she may even be able to pound some sense into Caroline’s head before she does too much damage.  I am wondering how the Aurora Borealis, which is not exactly an uncommon occurrence, was enough to let her come back home, but I won’t quibble.  I was very surprised to discover that the occupant of the other prison world was Stefan and Damon’s mother!


I was happy that Matt refused to allow Tyler into the funeral while drunk and interested to see him want to become a police officer.  Think it’ll be a good fit for him.  It was also nice to see Elena be a buttress of support for both Damon and Caroline.  Too bad she couldn’t stop Caroline from becoming emotionless.

Until the next new episode!

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