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TV Girl put on an incredible show much to the delight of the packed audience at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Wednesday night. The sold-out event was a massive success for the band, who has seen skyrocketing popularity within the past few years, a feat frontman Brad Petering attributed to Tiktok. Their songs “Not Allowed” and “Lover’s Rock” both gained traction on the app several years after their release, with several videos using the audios gaining virality. TV Girl consists of Petering, Jason Wyman and Wyatt Harmon.

Joining them on tour is guitarist Zoe Zeeman and vocalists Keira Smith, Maniya, and Audrey Cassandra. Indie-rock group Pearl and the Oysters are opening on this leg of the tour, which kicked off last month in Texas. TV Girl are on tour promoting their album Grapes Upon the Vine, released in June of this year.

Pearl and the Oysters are a whimsical, indie-rock group whose music combines elements of soft rock with hints of euro-pop. Originally from France, the duo currently resides in California and often sing about their new hometown. Their album Coast 2 Coast, released in April of this year, is a quirky blend of the sounds of nature over lofi beats and slow swaying tunes. The group will spend the next week on tour with TV Girl, before hopping across the pond and starting their
European tour in November.

TV Girl’s set featured a blend of older music, as well as tracks off their new album. With over 20 songs, the band jumped from track to track with ease, with each song transitioning smoothly into the next. The set design was unique and eye-catching, with three large illuminated stained glass panels adorning the stage. A small raised platform just off the center housed the backing vocalists, who performed choreographed routines in addition to providing vocals. Frontman Petering worked up the crowd with a handful of comedic interludes, including one where he stated that album sales for Grapes Upon the Vine were so low the group had to seek corporate sponsorship to go on tour. A roughly 30-second speech advertising Mountain Dew led to roars of laughter from the crowd, and the band jumped back into the music shortly after.

The Fillmore was completely packed, with the main floor reaching max capacity before the opening act even took the stage. The audience ranged from teenagers with their parents, to college-aged folks as well as some older adults. The diversity of the crowd didn’t stop them from coming together to sing and dance their hearts out. The show was a spectacular display of unity through music. The visual elements paired with TV Girl’s music created an incredible experience for all in attendance. TV Girl will be on tour through mid-December.

Final Grade: A

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