JAYA GHOSH – Reporter

Supriti Jaya Ghosh’s 2018 New Year’s resolution was to watch more live performances, and she can proudly say that this was one resolution she successfully accomplished. Highlights include watching Philip Glass (her favorite composer) perform his piano etudes and discovering new bands like Lil Smokies and Judah and the Lion.

Jaya grew up on old-timey musicals and classical music, and always has a soundtrack to her life playing in her head. Through high school and college, Jaya played the viola in orchestra (self-proclaimed orch dork), studied Indian classical dance, dabbled in small-scale stage management, and tried her hand at the visual arts.

You can often find her either at the Kennedy Center listening to the National Symphony Orchestra or at the movie theater watching the latest superhero film (equal opportunity Marvel and DC enthusiast). Her very-DC day job enables her addiction to exploring the region’s food, music, and movie scene.