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Eve Zellick – Music Reviewer

Eve Zellick is an Alberta based musician, who after graduating from Thompson Rivers University at age 18 decided to follow her dream instead of degree. Since 2006 she has been performing and teaching music, with a focus and specialization on exceptional and neuro-divergent students from age 3 through adult. Eve currently plays 15 instruments, has been a steady member or stand in for several small ensembles and bands, and also spent 5 years as a church musician. She founded a non-profit where she was Executive Director to promote music education to lower income and high risk children and youth, and has worked with dozens of local charities, organizations, and community outreaches, leading her to be named one of the Top Teachers of 2016 by Steinway Pianos. Eve’s students have excelled in competitions, examinations, and auditions for prestigious groups such as Calgary Stampede Showband, and music institutes such as Berklee.

Eve has also published some original compositions for piano, as well as arranges and transcribes contemporary and popular music for an online publishing house. Her voracious appetite for the arts has given her an extremely eclectic musical palette and she is at home attending the symphony, the ballet, the opera, a head banging metal show, or a pumped up rave. A proud lover of all things nerdy or geeky, Eve’s favorite concerts to date are Video Games Live, the Star Trek 50th Anniversary, and Symphony of the Goddess (Legend of Zelda).

In her spare time, Eve enjoys moonlighting for a large DJ/Karaoke company where she entertains kids, creating and wearing cosplays to various Fan Expos and events, and creating and selling crafts. She also belongs to a Star Trek podcast called Buffer Time, and has been a guest on other podcasts talking about all things pop culture. Her personal music collection is nearing 100,000 mp3s and Eve is always on the hunt for new music to enjoy.