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The gang fans out across the nation to track down the escaped vampires as the Salvatores face some brutal truths and we get a look at how Bonnie and Enzo became a couple.

I’ll be honest and say I am still not sure how I feel about Bonnie and Enzo, mainly because I don’t like Enzo much. Granted, he’s not as annoying now as he used to be, so I’ve grown to tolerate him, but I feel the same about him as I did about Tyler. I’ve never seen the attraction people have had for either character (aside from their aesthetic value). But regardless, I have to admit that he has been there for Bonnie when she needed someone and Damon abandoned her, so that is a good thing. The bad thing is that he has been inadvertently poisoning her with the pills which were meant to protect her from the Armory. Even there, it’s hard to be mad at him because he obviously didn’t intend to hurt her.

Still, the fact that she is so mad at Damon means that she still has some residual feelings for him. If you don’t care deeply for someone, you wouldn’t get that upset at them for leaving like Damon did. I’m not saying that she love him romantically, but there is something there, I just hope they figure something out soon because I really do love watching the two of them bicker and the bond they formed while in the prison world. All that being said, it is totally understandable why she is pissed at Damon. He was a very good friend to her and he just left her for 3 years. I’ve asked it before, but I think we do have to ask if he had a good reason. That is the hard part.

Speaking of broken relationships, we also have Stefan and Caroline. Again, he left her and this time we know if was for a good reason. He had Rayna on his tail and he wanted to protect Caroline and the babies she was carrying for Alaric. I’m not sure if what she and Alaric have is real or not. Nothing we’ve seen from them so far shows anything other than a good friendship, so it doesn’t seem to be a love match. That being said, having a good friendship is a good place to start a relationship. I don’t think she would leave the twins and Alaric is part of that deal. I just hope that she isn’t just staying with Alaric out of a sense of obligation or because she’s mad at Stefan. Alaric deserves better than that and so does she.


Watching the two groups take out the vampires who were is the stone was fun, if a bit macabre. Stefan playing golf with one vampire’s heart? Damon using a wet floor sign to behead then one vampire? And then there was the scene where Damon and Enzo played hoops with a heart and a head. Those moments were definitely amusing, albeit in a very sick and twisted way. And how many more vampires did Rayna add to her list? This could take a while.

So the Armory needs Bonnie to undo a spell that Lucy Bennett cast on a vault where Alex’s sister is trapped. According to Alex, her sister is still alive. I am not sure I want to know what is down there. I fear it cannot be good for anyone. And I’m trying to remember if we’ve heard of this Lucy Bennett before or if this is a random relative we were just introduced to recently. I suspect the latter, because I can’t find a mention of her anywhere.

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