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Do you remember that infectious 90’s song that would play over and over… the one that you could never get out of your head? The one that has the lyrics “Come on Barbie, let’s go party! If you answered “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, you’d be right. At long last, after twenty-seven years, Aqua has finally decided to come to America and play for us in person.

“Barbie Girl” aside, I personally was incredibly excited for this show, which included all their hits. The show took place at The Fillmore Silver Spring on December 4th, and I was among the throngs of people who were dressed for the occasion, to show our utmost dedication to the song, the band, and what they mean to so many of us. 

To begin the show, EDM legend Vassy came out to rile the crowd up and perform her set, which included such hits as “Bad” and “Secrets.” In addition to her incredible musical talent, it was clear that she had a unique way of interacting with the crowd and really getting us ready for the main event.

In the 20 minutes or so between Vassy and Aqua, the standing room only crowd seemed to grow exponentially. The energy in the arena was palpable and every passing minute only further contributed to the anticipation that we all were feeling. As the three main members of Aqua finally arrived on stage, the crowd absolutely erupted, as the band immediately started with their underappreciated hit “Cartoon Heroes”. As the show progressed, every drumbeat, every piano key, every word sung, enthralled the crowd more and more. Even though it is fair to say that most people in attendance that night were there to hear the hit that Aqua is most well-known for, there was no lack of enthusiasm and engagement by the crowd for the songs leading up to said hit. From “Happy Boys & Girls” to “My Oh My,” Aqua was running on all cylinders and feeding off the crowd’s energy. Just as the clock turned 10:00pm, the moment we all had been waiting for finally arrived and the opening notes of “Barbie Girl” began to play. The crowd was so energetic and loud, that from where I was standing, their noise was competing with Aqua’s!

After a couple more of their best-known hits (“Lollipop” and “Doctor Jones”), Aqua came out for a bow and a well-deserved/appreciated encore, bringing an end to a phenomenal performance. Simply put, Aqua was incredible and everything I had hoped it to be and more. They took quite a while to perform here in the States, but based on their performance, I’d say it was more than worth the wait. As a lifetime fan of Aqua, my appreciation and fandom has only grown after seeing them in person. My only hope is that it doesn’t take another 27 years for me to see them in person!


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