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Live and Let Die

Klaus goes to confront Mikael and drags Cami along, the wolves start to rebel against Esther, Elijah continues to mentor Gia and is involved in a massacre, and Kol finds Davina.

So much happened that I am not exactly sure where to start. So let’s start with Klaus and Cami. Searching for Davina, Klaus overhears her calling Cami and gives Cami the choice of talking Davina down or an unspecified something worse. It was nice to see that Cami is still able to get through to Klaus. She is the one human that he is comfortable around. I think I might even go far as to say that she is the person he is the most comfortable around because she challenges him and doesn’t accept what he says at face value. She knows who and what he is, but still tries to help him, which is totally cool.

Facing Mikael had to have been good for Klaus. Despite everything, he still seems to need to prove himself to Mikael. I suspect that Klaus let Mikael put the stake into his shoulder in order to be able to stab him with the knife. Maybe I’m wrong, but it happened so fast that I can’t help but suspect it was purposefully. Unfortunately for Klaus, he didn’t count on Mikael being able to suppress the pain of the knife long enough to actually remove it, which is so not a good thing particularly since Kol freed him from Davina’s bracelet.


Watching Elijah train Gia was interesting because he seemed to take bits and pieces of Mikael’s training without the almost sadistic edge that Mikael used to train Davina. Like I said last week, Elijah is a good teacher and relating fighting to music was good for Gia because it gave her a frame of reference to use. I have to admit that I laughed when he entered Marcel’s after the wolves left and snapped the vampire’s neck. It was almost expected and definitely amusing.

Live and Let Die

Esther and Finn finally pushed the wolves too far. Forcing the kids to kill in order to activate their curse was heartless by even the standards of their depraved standards. The contemptuous disregard for the lives of the werewolves seems to have finally opened up the wolves’ eyes to how far they’ve fallen. The worst part is that all of this is done to hurt Klaus and capture Elijah. Sending the wolves to confront Elijah when they didn’t have a chance was almost as bad. Wolves cannot stop Elijah or Klaus if their ire is raised. The only beings able to stand against them are powerful witches or Mikael.

Hayley does need to realize that as long as the wolves are in Esther’s pocket, they are the enemy. I get that they are her people, but since Esther is controlling them, they may need to be killed if necessary. Taking down Esther is not going to be easy and there are going to be wolves killed unless more of them revolt like they did tonight.


Watching Josh make a love connection with Aiden was interesting. Is this going to be a Romeo and Juliet style storyline? Or maybe the two of them will somehow work to help bond different factions together against Esther and Mikael. If Josh can bring along Davina and the vampires and Aiden brings along the wolves, they might just be able to defeat Esther. Mikael is a completely different story. Taking him down would require Klaus and Elijah working in tandem, possibly with a witch. And if Davina can turn Kol against Esther, that would be even better. Watching a witchy fight between Esther and Finn v. Davina and Kol would be interesting.


Until next week!