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We have a wedding, a death, a resurrection, plotting, scheming, breakups, and makeups.  In other words, a typical day in the New Orleans of The Originals.

Hayley and Jackson are officially married and the wolves of New Orleans who are in their packs now are stronger and able to change at will.  Given the threat that Dahlia poses, I am not sure they will be as much help as Klaus hopes, but I guess anything is better than nothing.  Unfortunately for all involved, this wedding has implications and effects far beyond the newly wedded couple.


Josh and Aiden are coming to grips with what this all means.  Aiden sort of broke up with Josh because he didn’t want to have Josh get hurt, but (fortunately) Jackson talked him out of it.  Watching Aiden go and sit next to Josh at the wedding and take his hand was totally sweet.  It was a very small gesture, but one that was fraught with meaning.  As I’ve said before, these two are truly a Romeo and Juliet type couple, hopefully without the double suicide.

The wedding also has massive implications for both Elijah and Klaus.  Elijah obviously wants to be with Hayley himself, but he is noble enough to let her have what she wants.  Well, either that or he is a martyr.  The thing about Elijah is that he is always looking out for the good of others.  Klaus, on the other hand, is more worried about making sure that Hope is protected regardless of the consequences to others.  In Klaus’ view, Jackson is now disposable.  Since he was really only needed in order to make sure that the wolves got the power that they needed to protect his daughter, he is now superfluous and can be disposed of whenever Klaus wants to.


The problem with this, as Elijah noted, is that if Jackson were killed, it it entirely possible that the wolves would fall apart and then the protection that Klaus is looking for would evaporate.  This is, I think, the crucial difference between how Elijah and Klaus view the world and others.  Elijah sees others as people whereas Klaus sees them only as things that will help him fulfill his desires or needs.  Once they have done what he needs, they can be discarded.  His family seems to be the only people that he does not view in this same way.  They seem to be viewed based on whether or not they’ll help him.  If they will, they stay awake, if not, they are daggered.  Sort of the same thing, I guess, but not quite.


I am going to miss Kol.  He might be something of an impulsive idiot, but he is lot of fun to have around.  Fortunately, he has an escape hatch in the form of being a witch.  As Rebekah noted, if they consecrate him, he will join the Ancestors and can be brought back later.  I so hope that they bring him back before too long, if only for Davina who has precious little that has gone right in her life.  And I am glad that, when he died, he had his family around him like he wanted.


Freya brought Finn back to life using the pendant she gave him.  I am still trying to figure her out.  She is clearly terrified of Dahlia, which makes me think that she can be a useful ally for Klaus and Elijah, but she is also working with Finn who is trying to kill his siblings.  She clearly needs the help of her siblings to protect both herself and Hope from Dahlia, but I wonder if she might try and cut a deal with Dahlia where she gives Dahlia Hope in exchange for her own freedom.  There is also the question of whether or not Finn will work with Klaus and Elijah against Dahlia or if he’ll maintain his vendetta against them as vampires.  Yeah, messy.

Until March 9th!

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