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Brotherhood of the Damned

Klaus does something truly surprising, Hayley finds out more about the rituals she is to undergo, Finn continues to search for secrets, Elijah makes a confession, and Marcel repeats the past…

Klaus actually forgave someone? Wow. I never thought I would see the day when he honestly forgave someone. The fact that the person was Elijah seems to have been the biggest reason for the forgiveness and that Elijah confessed to killing Tatia in order to free both he and Klaus from Finn’s spell seems to have been deemed inconsequential. Klaus really has mellowed out, if only a little. I think he was also impressed by the fact that noble and honorable Elijah freely confessed to the murder freely.

Brotherhood of the Damned

Unfortunately for Klaus and Hayley, Finn has figured out that they are hiding something and is bound and determined to figure out just what it is that they are hiding. Finn’s idea of threatening the things, which are the most important to Klaus, was a smart idea. By gauging Klaus’ reaction to each action, Finn hoped to figure out what mattered the most to Klaus. What Finn did not count on is the fact that Klaus has really changed and grown because of Hope. I suspect that Klaus is correct when he said that Finn cannot (or will not) change. He hates vampires so much that he is blind to the fact that even someone like Klaus can change under the right circumstances.

I can’t blame Hayley for being skittish about undergoing the rituals. If she is going to have to reveal every secret to Jackson, that would mean revealing that Hope is alive and well. Hayley wants to protect her daughter above everything else, so she is unwilling to reveal that secret to Jackson. Also, if Klaus figures out that Jackson knows about Hope, it is entirely possible that Klaus would kill him in order to protect Hope, and Hayley doesn’t want that. Klaus might not kill Jackson, but I don’t think Hayley is willing to risk it.

Brotherhood of the Damned

So, Marcel was in World War I and turned his men into vampires in order to save them and to fight the Germans. That could not have been a pretty battle. Unleashing a bunch of new vampires who were trained as soldiers when they were humans is a recipe for a disaster for the opposing side. In the present, Marcel is dealing with famished vampires, a werewolf bite, and a directive from Klaus to protect Kol from said famished vampires. Yeah, give Marcel the easy tasks. Fortunately, Marcel has enough charisma and persuasive powers to persuade the other vampires to listen to him and not snack on either Kol or the humans in the streets. That would have been a disaster of biblical proportions.

What exactly did Finn do to the vampires? I assume he didn’t kill them all, but somehow he made them all disappear. I guess he could have used magic to kidnap them all, but I don’t know if he has that sort of power, even if he is channeling Esther and Mikael. Given the previews for next week, he has captured at least Marcel for questioning, so it is possible. Guess we’ll just have to wait for next week to see what happened.

I am impressed that Davina is continuing to work with Klaus. Granted, she is doing it to protect her friends, but I think this is one of the first times in a long time that she and Klaus have spoken civilly with each other.

Until next week!

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