The Legendary O'Jays Farewell Tour 2024
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The O’Jays graced the stage at the MGM National Harbor on Friday, June 28, 2024 as part of their Farewell Tour, delivering a heartfelt and powerful performance that left a lasting impression on their fans. As one of the most iconic groups in soul and R&B, The O’Jays showcased why their music has endured for decades, making this final tour a bittersweet celebration of their legacy.

The concert kicked off with the powerful “Back Stabbers,” instantly capturing the crowd’s attention. The O’Jays seamlessly transitioned through their extensive catalog, performing hits like “Love Train,” “For the Love of Money,” “Use ta Be My Girl,” and “Livin’ for the Weekend.” Each song was met with enthusiastic applause and heartfelt sing-alongs, as the audience reveled in the classic tunes that have defined generations.

Eddie Levert, living legend of the O'Jays
The legendary Eddie Levert, Photo credit: Erica Banner

Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, and Eric Grant hit the stage in their vibrant green costumes creating a classic look and nostalgic flare that the O’Jays are known for and delivered a masterclass in vocal performance. Levert’s voice, still rich and soulful, carried the emotional weight of each song, while Williams and Grant provided impeccable harmonies and vibrant energy. Their synchronized dance moves and genuine interactions with the audience added a touch of nostalgia, reminding everyone why The O’Jays have been so beloved for so long.

Legendary Walter Williams of the O'Jays
The legendary Walter Williams, Photo credit: Erica Banner

The band’s musicianship was exceptional, providing a flawless backdrop to The O’Jays’ vocals. The rhythm section drove the music with infectious grooves, while the horn section added a dynamic and brassy element that elevated the live performance. Each instrumentalist had moments to shine, showcasing their talent and enhancing the overall sound. The gorgeous back-up singers sang beautifully behind this trio adding a soulful and sultry presence to bring it all together.

O'Jays band and backup singers
Photo credit: Erica Banner

The connection between The O’Jays and their fans was one of the most memorable aspects of the night. The group frequently engaged with the audience, sharing stories and inviting sing-alongs that made the large venue feel intimate. The performance of “Stairway to Heaven” and “A Prayer” were particularly poignant, with the crowd swaying and singing in unison, creating a powerful and emotional moment.

Eric Grant
Eric Grant, Photo credit: Erica Banner

The production quality of the concert was top-tier. The sound was clear and balanced, ensuring that every note and lyric could be heard with precision. The lighting design was sophisticated and complemented the performance, enhancing the mood without overshadowing the music. The overall production was professional and seamless, contributing to an immersive and enjoyable experience.

The O’Jays’ Farewell Tour performance at the MGM National Harbor was a fitting tribute to their incredible career. Their enduring talent, combined with their charismatic stage presence and deep connection with the audience, made for an unforgettable evening. As they bid farewell to touring, The O’Jays leave behind a legacy of music that has touched the hearts of millions. For fans, this concert was a poignant reminder of why The O’Jays will always be cherished as legends in the world of soul and R&B. They have two shows remaining in the tour, July 13th in Atlantic City, NJ and August 31st in Inglewood, CA. The legendary group still possesses the power to captivate its audience and fans both old and new alike and give a performance you don’t want to miss.

Final Grade A+

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