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The weekend started off with the soulful sounds of one of the hottest duos to hit the stage. On Friday, February 16, 2024 at the Bethesda Theater, in Bethesda, Maryland, the dynamic duo, husband and wife team, Fatin Dantzier and Aja Graydon better known as Kindred the Family Soul serenaded the crowd with the soulful sounds of their past and present hits. As they took the stage, Ms. Aja strutted in her hot pink and reds with her golden curls and Fatin accompanied her in smooth tones of black and red.

The two started off strong and did not come to play, opening the show with one of their biggest hits, “Far Away” from the Surrender to Love album (released in 2003). Their crisp and vibrant voices blew me away. The night flowed from one hit to the next, telling their love story along the way with each note. Each album is a testament to their journey together.

Kindred the Family Soul
Photo by Erica Banner

This duo is so authentic and sincere, you can truly feel their love for one another in their music and in their performance. Aja poured her soul into an oldie titled Sticking with You, from the Love Has No Recession album (released in 2011). They mixed it up a little with a dance groove and tune from their latest project, the Auntie & Unc album titled “Break It Down” (released in 2021). This jam gave that 80’s vibe and we were there for it.

Watching them work the stage and maneuvering the crowd with those smooth lyrics moved my heart and the audiences alike. The crowd loved them to say the least.

I must say, being a big fan of Kindred the Family Soul, having the privilege to witness them live on stage just confirmed what I already knew, THEY ARE AMAZING! From their cold lyrics in “Weather the Storm” from the Surrender to Love album (released 2003), “so fly, be an angel if you gotta, take the stars and clouds and put them in your pocket and hold them, bring them back for me…” to Sticking with You…”me and you, but nobody’s gonna loves me the way that you do boy…” which almost brought me to tears. Their talent proves that they are not only artist but musical storytellers.

Oh, the sweet tunes of “Where Would I Be” from In this Life Together album (released in 2005) had the audience singing along and bopping their heads. They closed out the show with a great classic, “Stars”. This duo sang, let me tell you, watching them perform together is an undeniable experience. Their vibe is so genuine, when they sing you can feel every word and it’s like they are pouring their love into you. They are truly the real deal; Kindred the Family Soul is a must see. They are currently touring the U.S. and coming to a city near you.


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