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It’s a few weeks before Christmas and the Reston Town Center has a gift for all the people who want to experience some new cuisine. Known for its revolutionary wine on-tap program and vineyard-inspired cuisine – Sixty Vines, a 12,000+ square foot restaurant opens today. The people who will first discover its amazing selections of food and wine are in for a treat and your gallant TRR team is there to take in the atmosphere.

My partner and I had the honor last week to head over to Reston VA as we experience a restaurant that has made their presence known. Sitting right next to the skating rink and the big Christmas tree in the courtyard stands Sixty Wines. The mission of the new restaurant is bringing wine country to Reston and from what we discovered during our preview there – they have succeeded!

From the moment you walk into the place, you get that sense of being home. In the middle of the restaurants, you see the four seated table for couples and small families but the extended tables that can feed a family/group of fourteen which I love to see. If you need a private room for special occasions, they have one to the right and it can make any gathering extraordinary. As you look to the right, you see a wine bar on top that would make any wine drinker blush. What’s unique about this restaurant when it comes to their wine is that they pride itself on the sustainable approach to serving their wines. Each of the keg can hold 26 bottles and can be reused over 1,500 times over its lifetime. Using this approach not only makes it eco-friendly but gives you a closest “from the barrel” tasting experience that you couldn’t soon forget.

Among the sixty wines we got to taste at Sixty Vines are the “Love You Bunches” Rose from CA, a Sesenta Cava from Spain, a Ridge wine from Sonoma County, CA and a “Beautiful Stranger” Cadre. I have to admit that their selections are top notch. One of the things I enjoy that the restaurant will help you find your wine in case you haven’t discovered your favorite yet and I felt that I have found a couple of new ones to add to my everchanging palate.

Now, let’s get to the food. We tried a good sample of what the restaurant has to offer while enjoying some amazing conversation with new friends. We started with the shared plates which included some delicious bacon-wrapped dates, crispy zucchini, and succulent wood grilled shrimp.

Shrimp and Bacon Pizza

Next, A couple of the pizzas they created have really caught my eye as I dive into the flavors. The standouts are the shrimp & smoked bacon which featured provolone, mozzarella, garlic, crushed pepper, and lemon juice. Tasting it for the first time and I never thought that a shrimp/bacon would work on a pizza, but they made it happen. Next, we tried a gluten free/vegetarian broccolini & potato pizza with Calabrian chilies, tomato, rosemary, cashew cheese on a cauliflower crust. Before that evening, I had never had a vegetarian pizza, but my taste buds have enjoyed this one. Kudos to the crew!

When it came time to dig into the main courses for dinner, who knew that this excursion would take us on a journey. Diving into the seared striped bass and they have captured this seafood lover’s heart. The bass was seasoned properly, the sear was spot on and the taste is a delightful dance that I would ask for an encore.

Next was the pork chops and for me, pork chops are many places are either a hit or a miss. They hit a home run with their take on the meat. I have never tasted a pork chop that had the right moisture, texture and flavor. I felt that I have seen the glory in food culture.

Last but not least was the 16oz Center-cut Angus NY strip steak with pickled cherries, charred radicchio and rogue smokey blue cheese. After this, I was done… in a great way. It was a beautiful steak, cooked perfectly and the bleu cheese sealed the deal for me. The three mains were the Triple Play of food perfection!

Just when we thought that the evening would be over, they had to bring the desserts and I couldn’t resist. The sticky toffee cake was sweet music to my stomach and biting into the basque cheesecake reminds me on the Portuguese cuisine that I longed for.

Sixty Wines is a great new addition to the DMV and amazing escape for people who seek a vineyard inspired foodie experience. This is a “Must Eat” for Food & Wine lover within you!


Sixty Vines is located at 11905 Market Street, Reston, VA 20190 and is open for lunch, dinner, and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Images of Sixty Vines’ interior and menu items can be found HERE. Reservations are taken thru OpenTable

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